About Me

Hello, I’m Efe Genit, a third-generation fashion entrepreneur with a tapestry of stories woven from the heart of Turkey’s textile tradition.

This blog is my canvas, where each post reflects my learnings in the ever-evolving world of fashion.

My Fashion Story

In the 1980s, when I was born into a family where fashion was the language of expression,

My grandfather, a master tailor, and my parents turned my father’s business into our women’s clothing fashion house.

My earliest memories are laced with the hum of sewing machines and the vibrant splash of fabric patterns.

As a child, I was the unofficial apprentice, playing among fabric scraps and mannequins, absorbing the magic of creation.

Even the first thing I tried was reading the fashion catalogs of German Otto magazines which was one of the fashion magazines that my parents regularly followed to get inspiration for their latest dress designs.

Even though our family business has turned the last page of its chapter due to economic crises in the 2000s, the essence of those designs still colors my perspective.

After a decade in law, a profession that my father hoped would script a different future for me, the pull of my heritage brought me back to fashion.

Now, with my wife by my side, I helm a children’s clothing e-commerce business, infusing the lessons of the past with the freshness of modern style.

Why am I writing this website?

Since childhood from the timeless elegance of classic cuts to the bold statements of avant-garde designs, I have been exploring it all.

This website is a place where I share the rich tapestry of fashion lore and contemporary trends.

This blog isn’t a storefront to promote my own business, I intentionally do not talk about my business on this website.

I believe in fashion as a conversation, one where every comment, share, and like weaves a deeper connection. It’s about the shared joy when a design resonates and the collective nod when a trend captures our imagination.

Join the Style Journey

So, whether you’re here for a glimpse into the latest runway trends, practical style advice, or just a dose of fashion inspiration,

I invite you to join this sartorial voyage. Let’s celebrate the stories behind the styles and make every day a runway.

With warmest fashion regards,