37 Brazilian Clothing Brands: Fashion’s Tropical Paradise

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In this article, I will introduce you to 37 Brazilian Clothing Brands that are suitable for all styles.

As a fashion addict, I can not resist reviewing the vibrant fashion brands of Brazil.

The Brazilian clothing industry ranks top ten for clothing and accessories and counts among the most dominant fashion industries in the world.

Brazilian Fashion has vivid colors and patterns but also highlights international trends with modern aesthetics.

Brazilian fashion excels at casual and comfortable clothing made of lightweight materials like cotton.

Besides modern outfits, Brazilians have traditional designs like bombachas pants, baiana dresses, and ponchos.

Additionally, loose tops, flowy dresses, skirts, and jeans paired with summer sandals and sneakers are a staple in Brazilian people’s wardrobes.

Whether you’re looking for high-end outerwear, innovative sportswear, or everyday casual clothes, I listed the best Brazilian fashion brands that you need to know.

1. Havaianas

Havaianas are more than flip flops. From Havaianas’ Instagram

Brazil embodies a fun, vibrant, and spontaneous way of life, and what can compliment it better than the world-famous Havaianas flip-flops?

Havaianas, which translates “Hawaiian” in Portuguese, has become a world-famous fashion brand due to its vivid color selection, simplicity, and low price.

Founded in 1962, the Brazilian flip-flop brand has been designing and manufacturing colorful pairs inspired by the Japanese zori-sandal.

Havaianas are now being sold all over the world, especially in surfwear retail and apparel stores.

Havaianas flip-flops’ popularity also depends on the company’s success at combining comfort and quality.

Havaianas offers a huge selection of colorful flip-flops perfectly matching any summer outfit.

Click to check the official store of Havaianas.

2. Osklen

Osklen is a fashion brand that designs and manufactures sustainable clothing, footwear, accessories, and leather goods for men and women.

Established in 1989 by Oskar Metsavaht, the Rio de Janeiro-based company is prominent for its eco-friendly and inventive agriculture and clothing manufacturing processes.

Furthermore, Osklen is well known for utilizing unusual materials, including organic cotton, Amazonian jute, and Pirarucu fish leather.

Presently, Osklen operates in countries worldwide, with store locations in Brazil, Italy, Greece, Uruguay, Japan, and the US.

Click to check the official store of Osklen.

3. Mormaii

Supreme quality surf wear and alluring eyewear – thanks to physician Marco Aurélio Raymundo.

Mormaii is Brazil’s leading producer of the surf industry, manufacturing high-quality surfwear, free sports products, and apparel, as well as a great selection of hand-painted eyewear.

Mormaii provides excellent quality products to last a lifetime, along with the utmost functionality and attractive designs.

All Mormaii products are tested by the founder himself.

Click to check the official store of Mormaii.

4. Grendene

Grendene is a major Brazilian footwear brand and the largest sandal manufacturer in the world.

Created by twin brothers Alexandre Grendene Bartelle and Pedro Grendene Bartelle in 1971, the label produces a wide array of sandals for various purposes, mainly using synthetic material and designed for different purposes.

Over the decades, Grendene has partnered with major names like French fashion designer Jean-Paul Gaultier, top model Giselle Bündchen, English fashion designer Vivienne Westwood, and British-Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid.

The Brazilian brand’s major lines include Melissa, Grendha, Rider, Zizou, and Grendene Kids.

Click to check the official store of Grendene.

5. Colcci

If you want to get a taste of high-end Brazilian clothing, check out Colcci.

Launched in 1986, Colcci is best known for its luxury apparel, highly influenced by street fashion, hip hop culture, Mexican fashion designs, and literature, along with religious and historical influences. 

Interesting patterns and fresh colors alongside modern yet hassle-free silhouettes bring new life to your closet.

Besides a vast amount of trendy clothing, Colcci also presents footwear, accessories, sportswear, and denim pieces.

Click to check the official store of Colcci.

6. Ellus

Ellus, founded by Nelson Alvarenga, has been influencing young generations with superior jeans wear since 1972.

Initially selling hand-painted t-shirts, the fashion brand moved on later to design and manufacture stonewashed jeans and even blended classic war uniforms into fashion, remaining a stand-out label in Brazil.

Ellus offers denim products ranging everything from button shirts and jackets to shorts and jeans.

Click to check the official store of Ellus.

7. Forum

Forum is a Brazilian fashion label to have on your radar if you’re looking for sophistication, a great fit, and a statement-making style performance.

Launched in 1981 in São Paulo, the company was started by Brazilian top fashion designer Tufi Duek, who, by the way, also Tufi Duek owns another luxury brand.

Forum has been making fashion waves ever since for its outstanding jeans and street attires, especially its chic party dresses.

Primarily dedicated to women, Forum advanced into manufacturing a whole collection for men and accessories and has a customer base including major names like Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, Britney Spears, and Meg Ryan.

Click to check the official store of Forum.

8. Triton

From Triton’s Instagram

Triton is the main fashion line of Brazilian fashion designer Tufi Duek.

Since its launch in 1975 when the designer was only 21 years old, Triton kept delivering brilliant designs, including fresh, vibrant color palettes, innovative cuts, yet easy silhouettes, along with first-class quality jeans lines and alluring accessories to make you stand out.

The São-Paulo-based brand is a regular member of the prestigious São Paolo Fashion Week and puts great efforts into marketing to reach a larger audience internationally.

Click to check the official store of Triton.

9. Carlos Miele

Carlos Miele is one of the most renowned Brazilian fashion designers and the owner of his self-named clothing brand.

The São-Paulo-based brand is best known for its broad collection of women’s ready-to-wear attire, highlighting a luxurious, modern aesthetic with playful colors and experimental designs to accentuate feminine style and beauty.

Click to check the official store of Carlos Miele.

10. Alexandre Herchcovitch

With shows in the prestigious fashion weeks of London, Paris, New York, and São Paulo, Alexandre Herchcovitch is undoubtedly one of the major names in the Brazilian and international fashion industry.

Prominent for his avant-garde fashion creations, universal patterns, and iconic skull motifs throughout his collections, the Brazilian designer established a loyal base of young customers.

Unfortunately, there’s no current official online shop, but here’s one that features a wide range of the label’s products.

Click to check versitairecollective.com for Alexandre Herchcovitch’s designs.

11. Reinaldo Lourenço

Gender-neutral fashion with futuristic approaches blended with vintage elements now from Brazil – elite designer Ronaldo Lourenço has been a hot topic in journals, magazines, and the São Paulo Fashion Week.

Reinaldo Lourenço offers a unique collection for unique fashionistas.

You can find chic tops, shirts, blouses, blazers, body-flattering dresses, summer Bermuda shorts, and extravagant accessories in his collection.

Click to check the official store of Reinaldo Lourenço.

12. Zilver – Pedro Lourenço

From Zilver’s Instagram

Designed by Brazilian fashion designer Pedro Lourenço, Zilver is an eclectic and sustainable clothing brand.

Zilver aimed to create an eco-friendly, yet supreme quality and modern fashion brand with ultimate transparency.

For this reason, the fashion brand used materials with a lower carbon footprint to create clothing that lasts a lifetime and simultaneously satisfies its customer’s fashion demands.

Yet, currently, Zilver seems to stop new designs. You can check Pedro Lourenço’s older collections in Vogue’s archives.

13. Ronaldo Fraga

São-Paolo-based fashion designer Ronaldo Fraga has been around with his masterpiece collections since 1996.

The fashion label offers a one-of-a-kind collection highlighting interesting prints and patterns, tastefully combined color palettes, and simplistic cuts.

Click to check enjoei.com.br for Ronaldo Fraga’s products.

14. Gloria Coelho

From Gloria Coelho’s Instagram

At the front line of Brazilian designers, Gloria Coelho is stealing the limelight with timeless and contemporary ensembles combined with fine tailoring, solid colors, and appealing aesthetics catered to the modern woman. 

Established in 1974, the formerly known brand G., creates sophisticated apparel for women inspired by art and history.

Click to check the official store of Gloria Coelho.

15. Juliana Bicudo

Over the past ten years, exceptional Brazilian shoe brands have emerged to the surface, of which Juliana Bicudo is one of them.

Launched in 2010, the a-class shoe brand evolved into a grand design and manufacturing company carrying magnificent footwear collections for women.

Its assortment includes leather Joana boots, Scarpins with beautiful cutwork designs, British fashion inspired Oxfords with strap details, sneakers, low and high sandals, along with a stylish handbag collection.

Click to check the official store of Juliana Bicudo.

16. H.Stern

H. Stern is famous for its watches, jewelry, and accessory designs. From H.Stern’s Instagram

Let me introduce you to the famed Brazilian jeweler H.Stern, one of the world’s most recognized and celebrated creators of fine jewelry.

H.Stern is prominent and best known for utilizing large colorful gemstones and high-karat gold in classic, modern, and feminine jewelry.

Since its creation in 1945 by German immigrant Hans Stern, the luxury jewelry brand grew into a trustworthy company, owning over 150 stores in Latin America, the United States, Asia, and Europe.

Click to check the official store of H.Stern.

17. Animale

Launched in 1991 by Claudia and Roberto Jatahy, Animale is today one of the largest fashion companies in Brazil.

Animale offers a colossal feminine range of timeless elegance and modern fashion with an edge displayed in its lines of casual wear, party attire, knitwear, bottoms, loungewear, shoes, handbags, accessories, and much more.

Click to check the official store of Animale.

18. Ateen

Get indulged in Brazilian high-end fashion at Ateen, offering exclusive women’s apparel from A to Z and everything in between.

Ateen is a one-stop solution for fashion-conscious women where you will be able to fulfill all your fashion demands under one roof.

From casual ensembles, dresses, party wear, and bottoms to jackets, leathers, silks, shoes, and accessories – you name it, Ateen has it.

Click to check the official store of Ateen.

19. Adriana Degreas

From Adriana Degreas’s Instagram

Adriana Degreas is a Brazilian fashion brand, famed for its high-end beachwear and swimwear collections.

Established in 2001, Adriana Degreas has quickly become one of the top luxury swimwear brands in Brazil and has gained international recognition for its innovative designs and superior quality.

Adriana Degreas’s collections showcases of swimsuits, bikinis, and beach cover-ups, as well as a range of accessories that are perfect for beach and resort wear.

The brand is renowned for its unique “bain couture” concept, which blends the simplicity of beachwear with the elegance of haute couture. This concept is reflected in its designs, which are chic, stylish, and effortlessly elegant.

Click to check the official store of Adriana Degreas.

20. Cia.Hering

From Cia.Hering’s Instagram

Companhia Hering or better known as Cia. The brand is one of Brazil’s oldest companies.

Hering is a Brazilian apparel company and Latin America’s leading textile and retail clothing company.

The fashion brand was founded by German brothers Bruno and Hermann Hering in 1880 in Blumenau in Santa Catarina, and today the brand has more than 805 stores.

Hering practices its expertise in designing and manufacturing brilliant ready-to-wear collections for men, women, and kids of flawless quality and modern, chic aesthetics.

Click to check the official store of Cia.Hering

21. Lojas Renner

From Lojas Renner’s Instagram

Lojas Renner is a top Brazilian department store featuring everything from high-quality, stylish clothing for men, women, and kids to comfortable and trendy footwear, and bedazzling accessories.

Brand also has home and decor items.

You can find a great collection for plus-size customers.

Founded in 1965, Lojas Renner evolved into a competitive Brazilian brand with more than 600 stores across the country and has already started its internationalization with outlets in Uruguay and Argentina.

Click to check the official store of Lojas Renner.

22. Reserva

From Reserva’s Instagram

Reserva is a clothing retail company founded almost a decade ago by partners Rony Meisler and Fernando Sigal.

Initially starting as a men’s wear brand, Reserva gained rapid admiration in the market and further expanded into apparel lines for women and children.

Click to check the official store of Reserva.

23. Farm Rio

From Farm Rio’s Instagram

Farm is no doubt one of the most beloved women’s clothing and lifestyle brands.

Its story began in 1997 when founders Katia Barros and Marcello Bastos introduced their first clothing line at a local fashion market in Rio.

Their creations embody ultimate femininity, and the vivid colors of Rio are crafted with an exotic take on futuristic fashion fused with vintage traces.

Click to check the official store of Farm.

24. Insecta Shoes

From Insecta Shoes’ Instagram

Keeping our beloved planet Earth and endangered environment in mind, Brazilian footwear brand Insecta Shoes produces ecological and vegan footwear for men and women.

Insecta Shoes came to life in 2014 in Porto Alegre with the strong intention to spread awareness of vegan, eco-friendly production and waste minimization.

Therefore, Insecta Shoes’ products are made of recycled material and are 100% vegan.

What makes the brand stand out are its attention-grabbing prints and patterns seen throughout Insecta shoes’ collections.

Click to check the official store of Insecta Shoes.

25. Wymann

From Wymann’s Instagram

Rio de Janeiro brand Wymann never lets you get bored.

The high-end clothing label offers a massive women’s ready-to-wear collection designed to accentuate versatility, sophistication and modernism through clothes. 

From tops, blouses, dresses, and bodysuits to outerwear, overalls, bottoms, shoes, and accessories, Brazilian designer Raquel Alvarez and his team of creative masterminds always have some fashion magic up their sleeves.

Click to check the official store of Wymann.

26. Dafiti

From Dafiti’s Instagram

Dafiti is a São-Paulo-based online fashion brand specializing in elite apparel and footwear for men and women as well as lifestyle items.

Founded in 2011 by Philipp Povel and Malte Huffmann, Dafiti progressed into Latin America’s largest fashion and lifestyle e-commerce platform with nearly 8 million active customers.

Check out Dafitis online store and judge for yourself.

Click to check the official store of Dafiti.

27. Arezzo

From Arezzo’s Instagram

Get indulged in fine Brazilian women’s footwear, handbags, and accessories with the prestigious brand Arezzo.

Being in business since 1972, Arezzo is a leader in women’s shoes and accessories and a favorite best-seller in Brazil.

Whatever shoes you’re looking for, be it sandals, sneakers, moccasins, espadrilles, block heels, platform heels or simply flats, Arezzo surely has them.

Click to check the official store of Arezzo.

28. Olympikus

From Olympikus’ Instagram

Olympikus is a Brazilian sports brand producing athletic apparel, shoes, along with sports equipment for running and fitness.

Ever since its establishment in 1975, Olympikus has been manufacturing high-quality activewear and equipment, ensuring maximum functionality, durability, and comfort along with style.

Click to check the official store of Olympikus.

30. Sandro Barros

From Sandro Barros’s Instagram

Brazilian designer Sandro Barros is among the leading fashion artists in Latin America.

His collections are recognized and highly celebrated for their handcrafted dresses distinguished by fine embroidery, stones, and other intricate details.

Sandro Barros offers countless one-of-a-kind collections, from haute couture to other lines of exclusive pieces, alongside flawless tailoring and a wide selection of colors.

Click to check the official store of Sandro Barros.

31. Tufi Duek

From Tufi Duek’s Instagram

Brazilian fashion designer and founder of Triton and Forum brands, Rufi Duel, has been making fashion waves for many years.

Tufi Duek is widely admired and applauded for his sophisticated, elegant evening dresses.

Due to the Rio de Janeiro-based designer’s inventive ways of creating new designs, whether classic modern or peppy young, Tufu Duek enjoys an international customer following.

Click to check the official store of Tufi Duek.

32. Basso & Brooke

The brand’s name will change due to its rebranding.

Basso & Brooke is a Brazilian-British fashion label created by São-Paulo-born Bruno Basso and Christopher Brooke, with roots in Newark-on-Trent, UK.

After their first collection in 2004, the designer duo gained rapid recognition for their uniquely skilled use of digital prints and have been given names like “the Pixar of clothes” or the “masters of fantastical digital print”.

Since then, Basso & Brooke have been creating magnificent ready-to-wear collections for men and women, of which former First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama wore a piece of their SS09 collection.

Click to check the official webpage of Basso & Brooke

33. Bianka Nunes, aka BKN

From BKN’s Instagram

Let me introduce you to major Brazilian jewelry designer Bianka Nunes or formerly known as BKN.

BKN is a Rio de Janeiro-based brand that designs superior quality jewelry collections, accessories, and Casio watches by utilizing luxury materials.

Besides that, Bianka Nunes creates extravagant jewelry pieces with other materials like pearls, natural stones, diamonds, zirconia, emerald, ruby, sapphire, and the list goes on.

At BKN, you will be amazed by the widest variety of all kinds of jewelry pieces, including necklaces, scapulars, chokers, anklets, bracelets, body chains, piercings, and many more.

Click to check the official store of Bianka Nunes.

34. Cotton Project

From Cotton Project’s Instagram

Cotton Project is an independent clothing brand based in São Paulo, Brazil.

Initially starting as a men’s wear brand, the label rapidly expanded its label’s portfolio into a full women’s collection as well.

Established in 2006 by Rafael Varandas, Cotton Project draws its inspiration from the skate and surf culture of the 90s with the aim to produce hassle-free clothing that’s easily incorporated into everyday life while keeping Brazilian beach culture elements in each design.

Click to check the official store of Cotton Project.

35. Lolitta

From Lolitta’s Instagram

Lolitta is a luxury clothing brand dedicated to the modern, elegant woman.

Launched in 2008 by Brazilian stylist Zurita Hunnud, Lolitta keeps coming up with jaw-dropping collections of handcrafted fashion pieces utilizing the finest of materials such as leather, crepe and European silk yarns.

Lolitta offers a wide selection, including beautiful dresses, skirts, tops and much more.

Click to check the official store of Lolitta

36. Patricia Bonaldi

Brazilian luxury brand Patricia Bonaldi captures the vibrant culture of South America through its artistically designed and visually captivating ready-to-wear and swimwear collections.

Moreover, the high-end label offers a bridal collection, beach, and leisurewear, as well as attention-grabbing accessories.

Click to check the official store of Patricia Bonaldi.

37. League Goods

From League Goods’ Instagram

If you’re a stylish sports junkie or simply a comfort clothes seeker, the Brazilian newcomer brand League Goods is your perfect fit.

From jersey cotton shorts to cotton t-shirts, League Goods draws a lot of inspiration from vintage forms as well as colors and prints from the 70s sports scene to create modern basics with sporty vibes that will easily fit into your wardrobe.

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