19 Chinese Clothing Brands: The New Frontier of Fashion

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The article reviews 19 Chinese Fashion Brands, which I carefully selected just for you. 

Being a fashion enthusiast, it is always exciting to see different interpretations of fashion from all around the world. This time, China caught my attention.

Due to China’s rapid urban growth and an increase in the wealth of its population, the demand for both affordable and high-end clothing is rising like never before.

The “factory of the world”, China has numerous fashion brands that can easily compete with big fashion names like H&M, Zara, and more. 

Whether you’re planning a visit to China or simply enjoy fashion in general, these are some of the top Chinese Clothing Brands you should definitely be aware of.

Quick Guide to Chinese Fashion Brands

Chinese Fashion is like the country itself: modern, future-orientated, and unique by preserving its culture and traditions. 

Chinese fashion brands do not only take their national audience by storm but are heading toward the pinnacles of success internationally as well. Brands, including Shein or Bosideng, are proof of that.

What I like most about Chinese fashion brands like INXX, Urban Revivo, and Trendiano is that despite their highly modern clothing lines, you still get Asian vibes from them.

Now without further redo, let’s dive into them.

1. Shein

From Shein’s Instagram

How could this list not start with Shein?

Shein came into being in 2008 with Chris Xu setting its foundation. 

After 12 years in business, the online fashion retailer became the most talked about brand on TikTok and YouTube in 2020. 

But if that wasn’t enough, Shein was also the 4th most talked-about brand on Instagram that same year.

Shein has built itself a loyal customer base owing to its incredibly stylish fashion pieces made at economical prices.

The brand offers impressive collections for men, women, and kids and even has a whole section dedicated to home and pet items. 

The popular Chinese fashion brand attracts 7 million users every month from all around the globe due to its highly trendy and affordable clothing. 

Whether their clothes or accessories, Shein makes really interesting pieces you wouldn’t normally get at your usual store.

Checkout at SHEIN‘s official website or SHEIN shop on Amazon

2. Bosideng

From Bosideng’s Instagram

With an experience of 47 years as a down clothing brand, Bosideng became the favorite of countless of its customers, and maybe you’re the next one.

The Chinese giant offers you a variety of styles in down parkas, jackets, and coats made from fine quality material to provide you with functionality along with modern designs.

Bosideng collaborated with big names like French designer Jean-Paul Gautier, former designer at Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton, Antonin Tron, and Tim Coppens, former design director at Ralph Lauren, only to ensure that Bosideng is a brand of quality.

Bosideng has been the choice of many famous celebrities like Nicole Kidman, Scarlett Johansson, Kendall Jenner, and Tom Hiddleston.

The brand has been featured on magazine covers like Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Marie Claire and actively participates in renowned international fashion weeks.

Check out Bosideng’s official website.

3. Ochirly

From Ochirly’s Instagram

Ochirly has been making fashion waves since its founding in 1999 and captivated ever since many fashionistas from all around China.

Their feminine, elegant, and modern collections speak for themselves and enhance the charm of your personality.

Ochirly has so many pieces to fall in love with. From unique jackets, feminine dresses, versatile tops, and bottoms, Ochirly is a Chinese brand to keep on your bucket list.

Check out Ochirly’s official website

4. Li-Ning

Let me share with you a brand that’s close to my heart, especially if you’re into sports and athletic wear. Have you heard of Li-Ning?

Li-Ning is a Chinese company that’s making waves globally with its line of sportswear and sports equipment, and there’s a good reason for the buzz.

Founded by Olympic gymnast Li Ning in 1990, the brand has grown immensely, connecting with athletes and sports enthusiasts around the world.

What I love about Li-Ning is how they’ve managed to create sportswear that’s not only functional but also looks great and incredibly stylish..

You’ll find vibrant colors, sleek designs, and innovative materials that enhance your game and your style.

Are you into running? Basketball? Badminton? Or maybe you’re a gym enthusiast? Whatever your sport, Li-Ning has something for you. Their range of shoes, apparel, and accessories is crafted with performance in mind.

Check out Li-Ning’s official website.

5. Meters/Bonwe

From Meters/Bonwe’s Instagram

With a slogan like “Be Different” Meters/Bonwe hit the goal among youngsters.

Being China’s leading and largest casual wear apparel brand, you couldn’t go wrong with this.

Meters/Bonwe highlights a wide range of electric, carefree, and street-style inspired attire with traces of Chinese cultural elements.

Whether it’s fun, printed t-shirts or hoodies you’re looking for or some stylish jackets and coats to top off your outfit, keep Meters/Bonwe in your mind.

Check out Meters/Bonwe’s official website.

6. Septwolves

From Septwolves’ official website

Septwolves is an interesting brand best known for its abundant selection of menswear and its wolf logo seen on many of its items.

The label perfectly embraces its slogan and brand concept, “The many sides of a man”.

Now, Septwolves has grown into one of China’s most famous men’s clothing makers, with cool, elegant pieces to choose from.

The brand offers loads of jackets, t-shirts, hoodies, and suits specifically designed for different situations.

Check out Septwolves’ official website

7. Peacebird

From Peacebird’s Instagram

Peacebird is a Chinese must-have in a closet.

With its inception in 1996 and the label’s catchy slogan, “Let Everyone Enjoy the Fun of Fashion”, the brand turned into a streetwear frontrunner across the Chinese apparel market.

The brand captures streetwear fashion from all around the world.

From London to New York and Tokyo to Seoul, Peacebird offers trendy, enjoyable clothing to an audience of young men, women, and kids. 

Check out Peacebird’s products at Buyma.us.

8. Shanghai Tang

From Shanghai Tang’s Instagram

Shanghai Tang is a Hong Kong-based luxury fashion house specializing in men’s and women’s apparel, leather goods as well as porcelain.

The brand came into being in 1994 and is today recognized as China’s first modern luxury brand. 

Take traditional Chinese cuts and beautiful Chinese crockery and turn them into a brand with a modern touch. That’s what Shanghai Tang is all about.

The label offers alluring designs inspired by Cheongsam (also known as Qipao), which is a type of form-fitted garment featuring a high-necked and usually short-sleeved dress with a side slit in the skirt portion.

The fashion house also offers modern garments as well as extremely beautiful Chinese crockery of the finest quality.

If you’re able to afford it, you should definitely take a closer look at Shanghai Tang’s range of clothes, leather bags, and lovely porcelain items.

Check out Shanghai Tang’s official website

9. Uma Wang

Uma Wang is one of China’s first fashion designers to highlight her expertise at international fashion weeks. 

The Chinese designer and her eponymous brand are known for her innovative designs, cuts, and shapes that are admired on an international level.

Moreover, Uma Wang is recognized for her bold, yet sophisticated creations for him and her, resulting in fashionable clothing with an edge.

Since its launch in 2005, Uma Wang has won the hearts of style-conscious men and women due to the designer’s unique approach to form and fabric.

Check out Uma Wang’s official website.

10. Anta

From Anta’s Instagram

Now, if you’re keen on exploring athletic brands beyond the usual suspects, let’s dive into Anta, a name that’s synonymous with sports in China and has been steadily gaining ground on the global scene.

Founded in 1991, Anta is one of China’s leading sportswear brands, known for providing quality sports products aimed at everyone, from professional athletes to everyday fitness enthusiasts.

At its core, Anta is all about inspiring people to go the extra mile, both in sports and in life.

What first drew me to Anta was the blend of functionality and fashion. They offer a wide range of sportswear that feels modern, fresh, and undeniably cool. Their shoes? Top-notch.

From basketball kicks that grip the court to running shoes that cushion every stride, they’ve got the lot.

Check out Anta’s official website.

11. INXX

Inxx is one streetwear brand that combines the best of both worlds. The brand has multiple genres of streetwear, sportswear, and high-end fashion in an innovative manner.

Founded in 2013, the young clothing label is recognized for its inventive and unusual takes on fashion.

What makes Inxx so unique is that they combine different subcultures in an exciting way by creating a platform for a youthful, rebellious style.

This Chinese-based brand highlights youthful street fashion at its best and offers you a massive range of edgy pieces for young men and women.

Check out INXX’s official website.

12. Erdos

From Erdos’ Instagram

Let me introduce you to Erdos – The King of Cashmere.

When it comes to the world’s finest wool, the Chinese brand Erdos is its largest producer. At Erdos, they offer you five clothing lines, all directed by European creative directors.

The cashmere fiber is obtained from goats grazing on the inner Mongolian plains.

Then, cashmere is carefully processed through reinvented traditional techniques and modern technology.

From fine cashmere scarves to beautiful sweaters, Erdos is one of the world’s leading cashmere brands and a beautiful example of China’s culture.

Check out Erdos’ official website

13. Trendiano

From Trendiano’s Instagram

Do you love unusual, funky clothing items that make you look twice? Chinese clothing label Trendiano brings you exactly that.

Initially focusing on only men’s apparel, the label quickly expanded its portfolio towards women’s clothing.

Their range is all about comfortable casual wear, highlighting unconventional styles.

Trendiano’s modern cuts, interesting fabrics, fun patterns, prints, and poppy colors let you explore a new definition of fashion.

Check out Trendiano’s official website.

14. Ajidou

From Ajidou’s official website

What is an outfit without proper jewelry?

Whether you’re looking for earrings, rings, necklaces, or a beautiful watch, the Chinese fashion accessories brand Ajidou covers all your jewelry needs.

Ajidou has been on the Chinese market since 2013 and has built itself a great reputation due to its remarkable and ever-changing jewelry lines, including Swarovski pieces.

Ajidou is so favorable because it brings you an abundant selection of different designs for different occasions targeted at all customer groups.

Today, Ajidou has more than 600 stores and is available in over 140 cities all around China.

Check out Ajidou’s official website

15. Ziggy Chen

From Ziggy Chen’s Instagram

Chinese fashion designers are applauded all across the globe, and Ziggy Chen is one of them. The eminent designer has been shaking the fashion industry since the launch of his label in 2011.

Ziggy Chen offers unique collections for men recognized for their dramatic tailoring and usually dark aesthetics.

He mainly uses natural materials like wool, cotton, hemp, and rumpled linen and brings them to life with traditional Chinese sewing methods.

At Ziggy Chen, you will find one-of-a-kind fashion crafts like lavish cashmere sweaters, printed pocket shirts, pleated drop-crotch trousers, and more.

This Chinese brand adds strong pieces to the closets of selective men.

Check out Ziggy Chen’s official website.

16. Ximon Lee

Ximon Lee is a Chinese fashion designer of Korean descent who creates striking fashion pieces through his eponymous label.

The designer’s avant-garde creations truly speak for themselves and leave your eyes wide open.

Ximon Lee’s peculiar designs are intended to be quite wearable and can be easily dressed up or down.

If you’re someone who likes “easy”, yet fun and trendsetting clothing items, Ximon Lee’s Shadow Wave jumper or a fun-colored jacket would be a nice pick.

If you’re a daring person who loves experimenting with odd, unusual pieces, this label also offers some interesting items.

From scrapbook pants, peephole, and chain elements to knit tanks and drummer bomber jackets, Ximon Lee keeps you surprised.

Check out Ximon Lee’s official website

17. Urban Revivo

From Urban Revivo’s Instagram

Chinese fast fashion brand Urban Revivo is a dream for fashionistas and a label you don’t want to miss out on.

Their clothes are super trendy, extremely stylish, very versatile, and high quality. What else do you want?

The brand started in 2006 in Guangzhou, China, and attracted fashion lovers worldwide.

Now, Urban Revivo has more than 300 stores and ships to nearly every country.

Even though their prices are more on the expensive side, Urban Revivo’s quality is far better than other fast fashion brands and cheaper than entry-luxury brands.

The feminine label launches new items twice a week and considers its dresses as its hero product.

Check out Urban Revivo’s official website

18. Me & City

From Me&City’s official website

Contemporary, luxurious, and urban elite – That’s what comes to my mind thinking about the Chinese luxury fashion brand Me & City.

Established in 2008, the label focuses on a diverse range of fine-quality urban attire that is utterly stylish and brings out its wearer’s inner elegance.

Me & City expresses the ever-changing relationship between one’s self and the city through tastefully designed apparel for men and women.

Check out Me&City’s official website

19. Private Policy

Were you ever looking for some cool, fun pieces that would perfectly match your mood and spirit but couldn’t find anything? Well, fashion label Private Policy tackles exactly that. 

Private Policy is a New York + Shanghai genderless brand created by Chinese designer duo SiYing Qu and Haoran Li.

Instead of crafting “usual pretty” garments, they offer eccentric apparel for young people with rebellious hearts and energetic spirits.

They have everything from funky, edgy items to more subtle and calm pieces.

Check out Private Policy’s official website

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