15 Spanish Shoe Brands: From Spain with Love

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Let’s review the world of Spanish footwear and discover the best 15 Spanish brands that epitomize the essence of Spanish elegance and creativity in shoe design.

Spanish shoe brands are renowned for their blend of traditional artisanship, contemporary aesthetics, and commitment to quality.

From the cobblestone streets of Menorca to the vibrant avenues of Madrid, Spanish shoe brands offer a diverse range of styles that cater to every taste and occasion.

I have many shoe brands to show you with different styles, so without any delay, let’s start.

1. Hispanitas

Category: Footwear, Accessories, Chic
For: Women
From: Petrer, Spain
Values: Elegant Design, Artisan Craftsmanship, Sustainability
Prices: $100-$300

Since 1925, Hispanitas has upheld family tradition and craftsmanship, bringing quality and comfort with appealing designs.

Hispanitas offers a diverse range of footwear, including elegant heels, sophisticated flats, stylish boots, and comfortable sandals.

Additionally, you will also be able to find attractive handbags and accessories in Hispanitas’ collection.

Click to check the official website of Hispanitas.

2. Macarena Shoes

Category: Footwear, Chic
For: Women
From: La Rioja, Spain
Values: Craftsmanship, Comfort, Contemporary Design
Prices: $80-$250

Founded in 1970, the Spain-rooted shoe brand Macarena has made its way into many closets.

With the fusion of an age-old essential with vivid, modern visuals, Macarena provides highly sought-after summer looks.

Protrude from the crowd by adding a lavish pair of Macarena espadrilles to your closet. 

Whether flat or wedge heels, minimalistic or colorful bright patterns, Macarena has much to offer.

Click to check the official website of Macarena.

3. Camper

Category: Footwear, Shoes, Boots
For: Men, Women, Children
From: Mallorca, Spain
Values: Innovation, Comfort, Sustainability
Prices: $80-$300

Camper is a family business founded in 1975, and tradition continues to inspire the creation of unique and original designs.

Yet, Camper is not tied to tradition, the brand philosophy is to integrate different cultures through design.

By employing top-notch designers from different backgrounds, Camper creates exclusive products and memorable stores.

Click to check the official website of Camper.

4. Pons Quintana

Category: Footwear, Accessories
For: Women
From: Menorca, Spain
Values: Traditional Craftsmanship, Quality Materials, Timeless Design
Prices: $150-$400

Since its establishment in 1953, the family business of Pons Quintana has produced high-end shoes in different colors and styles.

Pons Quintana’s collection features a range of styles, from elegant heels to comfortable flats, all made with premium materials.

Best known for its specialty of “interlacing”, the shoe label is widely adorned for its stylish look and superb fit.

From pumps and sandals to flat and heel boots, Pons Quintana shoe designs easily blend with any outfit.

Click to check the official website of Pons Quintana.

5. Pikolinos

Category: Footwear, Accessories
For: Men, Women
From: Elche, Spain
Values: Comfort, Quality, Craftsmanship, Sustainability
Prices: $80-$250

Pikolinos is known for its commitment to providing comfortable and high-quality footwear that reflects exceptional craftsmanship.

Since 1984, Pikolinos, as a family-run company, has been growing globally with its mottos, authenticity, originality, and naturalness.

Click to check the official website of Pikolinos.

6. Panama Jack

Category: Footwear, Outdoor Gear, Accessories
For: Men, Women
From: Elche, Spain
Values: Adventure, Quality, Durability, 100% Made in Spain.
Prices: $100-$300

Panama Jack offers a wide range of footwear, from outdoor activities to elegant beach sandals.

Panama boots are the most known design of the brand. They are comfortable outdoor boots that are made to stand the test of time.

Panama Jack also helps those in need as a company policy through their collaborations with the A Hug of Light Foundation and the Vicente Ferrer Foundation.

Additionally, Panama Jack values sustainability by supporting local manufacture and doing everything in Spain locally.

Click to check the official website of Panama Jack.

7. Chie Mihara

Category: Footwear, Chic, Bridal Shoes, Accessories
For: Women
From: Elda, Spain
Values: Unique Design, Comfort, Quality Craftsmanship, Femininity
Prices: $200-$500

Bring some fresh air into your shoe collection with Chie Mihara’s designs which are one of my favorites.

Chie Mihara is a footwear brand that stands out in the fashion industry for its unique blend of comfort, craftsmanship, and distinctive design.

Founded by Japanese-Brazilian designer Chie Mihara in 2001 in Spain, the brand has garnered a loyal following for its beautifully crafted shoes that do not sacrifice style for comfort.

Chie Mihara’s designs are a reflection of her multicultural background, bringing together influences from Japan, Brazil, and Spain.

Her shoes are known for their vintage-inspired aesthetics, playful yet sophisticated style, and attention to detail.

Click to check the official website of Chie Mihara.

8. Castañer

Category: Footwear, Accessories
For: Women, Men
From: Banyoles, Spain
Values: Traditional Craftsmanship, Quality, Timeless Style
Prices: $100-$400

Another renowned and prestigious Spanish shoe brand – Castañer.

Since its creation in 1927, the famous shoe label has been reinventing the espadrille shoe, which has become its trademark.

Castañer offers a huge range of shoes, not limited to espadrille shoes, but also sandals, boots, heeled shoes, flat shoes, sneakers, and more.

Click to check the official website of Castañer.

9. Victoria Shoes

Category: Footwear
For: Men, Women, Children
From: La Rioja, Spain
Values: Comfort, Casual Style, Sustainability
Prices: $30-$80

Victoria Shoes is a well-known brand specializing in footwear, particularly sneakers and canvas shoes, for men, women, and children.

The brand is celebrated for its commitment to comfort, casual style, and sustainability, with a range of collections that provide both comfort and style.

Click to check the official website of Victoria Shoes.

10. Lodi

Category: Footwear, Shoes, Accessories
For: Women
From: Elda, Spain
Values: Elegance, Quality, Craftsmanship
Prices: $100-$300

If you are looking for jaw-dropping women’s shoes, Lodi is your brand.

Lodi is a well-known brand specializing in comfortable and elegant women’s shoes, from stylish heels to comfortable flats.

Click to check the official website of Lodi.

11. 24 HRS

Category: Footwear, Shoes, Boots
For: Men, Women
From: Elche, Spain
Values: Comfort, Versatility, Quality
Prices: $50-$150

The brand’s slogan is ” just like walking barefoot.”

24 HRS is known to provide comfort footwear collections that follow the latest design trends.

Since its foundation in 1998, 24 HRS has developed six innovative concepts for its shoes to provide lightness, cushioning, breathability, and total hygiene.

Click to check the official website of 24HRS.

12. Lola Cruz

Category: Footwear, Chic, Accessories, Casual
For: Women
From: Madrid, Spain
Values: Contemporary Design, Elegance, Quality Craftsmanship
Prices: $150-$500

Established by the brilliant designer Maria Jesus Gozalvo in 2000, Lola Cruz is a luxury shoe brand dedicated to the modern, urban woman.

Lola Cruz footwear is the perfect fusion of classy style and supreme quality shoes that range from stylish everyday casuals to exquisite designs perfect for special occasions.

Click to check the official website of Lola Cruz.

13. Audley

Category: Footwear
For: Women
From: Menorca, Spain
Values: Elegance, Craftsmanship, Comfort
Prices: $100-$300

When British and Spanish shoe designers merge together, you get a beautiful outcome like Audley.

The label is best known for its traditional yet ageless styles combined with modernistic approaches.

Audley offers a massive range of quality footwear, including interlaced Chelsea boots, strappy Mary Jane heels with exciting patterns and vivid color palettes, flats, sporty sneakers, and many other shoe options.

Click to check the official website of Audley.

14. Lola & Lo

Category: Fashion, Women’s Clothing, Accessories
For: Women
From: Barcelona, Spain
Values: Elegance, Style, 100% Made in Spain
Prices: $50-$200

LOLA&LO was founded in 2015 by Raul Coloma and Antoni Gascon as an authentic footwear for women.

The brand drew inspiration from the cultures and folklore of different parts of the world, such as Peru, Mexico, Greece, and Spain.

Lola & Lo create unique collections using the highest quality materials with the help of Spanish artisans using century-old techniques. 

The espadrilles and stilettos are shoe brands’ signature products.

Click to check the official website of Lola & Lo.

15. Pretty Ballerinas

Category: Footwear, Ballet Flats, Shoes
For: Women, Children
From: Menorca, Spain
Values: Comfort, Elegance, Versatility
Prices: $100-$300

Pretty Ballerinas, from the picturesque island of Menorca, Spain, is a renowned footwear brand specializing in ballet flats and shoes for women and children.

One of the hallmarks of Pretty Ballerinas is the craftsmanship that goes into each pair of shoes.

The brand prides itself on the traditional handcrafting techniques used in their workshops in Menorca.

Pretty Ballerinas offers a diverse range of shoes designed to provide both style and comfort.

Click to check the official website of Pretty Ballerinas.

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