21 Top Pakistani Designers: Tradition Meets Trend

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I have put together 22 of the top Pakistani fashion designers, offering the best of both worlds.

When it comes to fashion, Pakistani is by far one of my favorites.

Pakistan has a unique sense of design with all the different cultures, traditions, and lifestyles. 

From color explosions, beautiful embroideries, and intricate embellishments to eye-catching patterns and contemporary design, Pakistan has nailed the art of mixing East with West.

Presenting modern concepts with a nod to tradition, Pakistani designers are taking the industry by storm.

Pakistani fashion is famous for its bridal wear, which is no doubt an eye-catching show-stopper, leaving many people in awe. Almost all bridal dresses are handmade and require a making time of 2-8 months.

Now, let’s discover the enchanting fashion world of Pakistan and its top Pakistani designers.

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1. Maria B.

From Maria B.’s Instagram

We’re kicking things off with Pakistani fashion designer Maria B., who is one of, if not the biggest designer in the country.

As a graduate of the Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design, Maria B. founded her eponymous label in 1999. 

Maria is utterly famous for her tasteful color combos, fine detailing, embellishments, and gorgeous embroidery.

The notorious designer, who has also been dubbed “the Coco Chanel of Pakistan,” has worked with almost every Pakistani celebrity you can imagine.

Moreover, she has also collaborated with international stars like those of the famous Turkish historical drama series Diriliş: Ertuğrul.

Known for her trendy designs, modern cuts, innovative approaches, and traditional aesthetics, Maria B is adorned by women of all ages.

Click to check Maria B‘s official website.

2. Asim Jofa

From Asif Jofa’s Instagram

Next up, we have the notorious Asim Jofa, who offers an extensive range of clothing that goes straight for a luxury lifestyle.

Whether simple yet high-quality day-to-day wear, formal, or couture, each of his pieces is undoubtedly mesmerizing.

Born into a family of jewelry designers, Asim Jofa started his journey with his brother and opened a small jewelry shop in Karachi in 1993.

However, after a partnership of a whole decade, the designer recognized his true passion for fashion design and turned his jewelry shop into a clothing store.

In 2013, he went to study design in London and came back to Pakistan with a polished skill set.

Today, Asim Jofa creates almost 12 collections each year, making him one of the busiest designer brands in Pakistan.

Click to check Asim Jofa‘s official website.

3. Nomi Ansari

From Nomi Ansari’s Instagram

Nomi Ansari is a designer to fall in love with forever.

Launched in 2001, his namesake brand was the beginning of a never-ending story of modern bridal wear that sets him apart from anyone else.

Nomi Ansari is best known for his rich use of vibrant colors, traditional and modern elements, unique embroidery, and contemporary cuts.

Furthermore, he was one of the first Pakistani designers to treat men’s fashion with a big splash of color and loads of eye-catching embroidery.

His phenomenal designs continue to rule the upscale fashion market and attract a large customer base of young folks and couples who are getting married.

Click to check Nomi Ansari‘s official website.

4. Ali Xeeshan

From Ali Xeeshan’s Instagram

When it comes to quirky and eccentric fashion, Ali Xeeshan (pronounced as Zeeshan) is probably the leader of the pack.

Ever since his first collection at the PFDC Fashion Show (Pakistan Fashion Design Council), and maintained a strong presence in the fashion world.

Ali Xeeshan is a Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design graduate with distinction and has several design courses from Paris and Germany in his pocket.

As one of the biggest names in the industry, Ali Xeeshan is best known for his Mughal-era-inspired designs. 

All of his extraordinary pieces feature a fusion of thick and intricate embroidery alongside big floral patterns.

Ali Xeeshan is not only a designer and couturier but essentially a visual artist, with his crafts not being limited to fashion.

Besides one-of-a-kind luxury wear for him & her, he also offers paintings and sculptures.

Click to check Ali Xeeshan‘s official website.

5. Faiza Saqlain

From Faiza Saqlain’s Instagram.

As the founder and creative director of her much-celebrated designer label, Faiza Saqlain knows how to steal hearts with her alluring designs.

The designer graduated with distinction from the esteemed Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design. 

Moreover, she was among the few Pakistani designers to attend the Parisian fashion workshop La Chambre De La Syndicale in 2011.

Within a short span of over 8 years, she catapulted her label sky-high in the industry and is now one of the most prominent ones in the whole country.

From Faiza Saqlain’s Instagram.

Faiza Saqlain’s designs embody the essence of pure femininity, sophisticated luxury, and glamor. 

Her distinct use of remarkable craftsmanship and exquisite handwork techniques can be seen throughout her Luxe Formals and Bridal collections.

Click to check Faiza Saqlain‘s official website.

6. Zainab Chottani

Zainab Chottani’s Instagram

Zainab Chottani is one of the front runners in the Pakistani fashion world, mainly known for her exquisite formal and bridal wear collections.

She introduced her first-ever bridal line in 2010 in collaboration with model, actress, film director, and entrepreneur Feriha Altaf.

Only two years later, Zainab Chottani stepped into the world of ready-to-wear clothing and now has numerous casual, formal, and bridal lines under her eponymous label.

One of her most noteworthy facets to mention is her Swarovski line, in which she offers her clients to use Swarovski stones in their bridal dresses instead of local ones.

Also, most of Zainab Chottani’s designs are custom-made. 

Zainab is always ready to alter the design, work, and even the colors of a dress according to her client’s needs, making her one of the most popular fashion designers.

Click to check Zainab Chottani‘s official website.

7. Hassan Sheheryar Yasin (HSY)

Hassan Sheheryar Yasin’s Instagram

Hassan Sheheryar Yasin, also commonly known as “HSY” is what Harper’s Bazaar Magazine once called the “New King of Couture”.

The fundamentals of his designs are intricate, traditional work and fabrics crossed with modern designs and silhouettes, resulting in collections that speak to multiple generations.

With great attention to detail, HSY creates breathtaking pieces which are regularly featured on the ramps.

Today, HSY is stocked in its 14 outlets present in Pakistan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, the US, and the UK.

Click to check Hassan Sheheryar Yasin‘s official website.

8. Mohsin Naveed Ranjha

From Mohsin Naveed Ranjha’s Instagram

The majority of Pakistani fashion designers were able to build a huge following after spending 10-20 years in business. 

Yet, Mohsin Naveed Ranjha hasn’t been in the industry for even a decade and has greatly influenced the Pakistani fashion world.

After launching his namesake brand in 2014, he rejuvenated the industry with truly traditional and majestic clothing but with an updated, modern twist.

The designer offers bridal couture, formal, and ready-to-wear for both men and women.

Mohsin’s designs feature rich detailing, high-quality fabrics, excellent craftsmanship, and dreamy silhouettes.

Click to check Mohsin Naveed Ranjha‘s official website.

9. Sana Safinaz

From Sana Safinaz’s Instagram

Sana Safinaz is one of the most prestigious and diversified fashion labels known to pretty much every Pakistani.

Established in 1989 by Sana Hashwani and Safinaz Muneer, the designer brand is still going very strong with a huge range of lines to offer.

Sana Safinaz’s collections include formal and bridal couture lines as well as luxurious unstitched fabrics, casual ready-to-wear, kids’ apparel, shoes, and accessories.

The brand is also well known for its lovely silk collections being launched every season.

Click to check Sana Safinaz‘s official website.

10. Deepak Perwani

From Deepak Perwani’s Instagram

Pakistani fashion designer Deepak Perwani is your guy to call if you want something out of the box.

He is viewed as the man responsible for changing the face of Pakistani menswear.

Deepak is best known for incorporating elements of Mughal and traditional Pakistani fashion mixed with contemporary aesthetics. 

With that in mind, he greatly concentrates on keeping each of his pieces cool, elegant, and edgy all at the same time.

But what makes Deepak Perwani stand out even more from the crowd are his numerous awards in Pakistan and abroad. 

Moreover, he also served as Pakistan’s cultural ambassador to China and Malaysia and works for poverty alleviation in numerous charities.

On top of that, Deepak Perwani is viewed as one of the creators of the Islamic Fashion Week in Malaysia.

Deepak also holds the Guinness World Record for making the world’s largest kurta boasting 800 yards of fabric and a length of 175 ft.

Click to check Deepak Perwani‘s official website.

11. Zara Shahjahan

From Zara Shahjahan’s Instagram

If you love nature, you will love Zara Shahjahan. 

The Lahore-based designer is adorned in Pakistan and abroad for her charming designs inspired by history and nature, celebrating vintage Pakistani fashion.

She is recognized for integrating flowers, birds, and beautiful embroidery while using calming color palettes and innovative, modern cuts.

Zara Shahjahan jumped into the world of fashion and design in 2014 after graduating from the esteemed National College of Arts (NCA) in Lahore.

Her designs represent the peaks of unmatched craftsmanship, high-quality fabrics, and great attention to detail.

Click to check Zara Shahjahan‘s official website.

12. Sania Maskatiya

From Sania Maskatiya’s Instagram

Sania Maskatiya entered the Pakistani fashion industry in 2010 and simply knocked it out of the park ever since.

The designer is well-known for her versatile and unique prints, relaxed color palettes, and innovative designs. 

Sania Maskatiya concentrates on creating her designs in-house as much as possible, with the printing, embroidery, and stitching happening all at their facility.

The multi-award-winning brand has been featured on runways in Pakistan, the Middle East, Europe, the US, and India.

Click to check Sania Maskatiya‘s official website.

13. Saira Rizwan

From Saira Rizwan’s Instagram

The high-end luxury label of Saira Rizwan launched in 2007 and has earned itself a well-deserved name in the fashion industry.

Her high fashion Eastern aesthetics, with its fusion of modern styles, always remain the talk of the town.

Saira Rizwan specializes in traditional bridal wear, formal wear, and ready-to-wear collections that highlight contemporary cuts lined up with the latest trends.

The brand also dedicates a part of its collections to older women, a group that is unfortunately often overlooked when it comes to the fashion industry. 

Caring for all age groups makes Saira Rizwan a much-loved luxury brand for women.

Click to check Saira Rizwan‘s official website.

14. Sadaf Fawad Khan

From Sadaf Fawad Khan’s Instagram

Sadaf Fawad Khan is undoubtedly one of the most amazing designers out there. She is also the wife of famous Pakistani actor and heartthrob Fawad Khan.

She worked for quite some years in the fashion world before eventually establishing her fashion brand in 2012.

The essence of the Pakistani fashion brand is to stay Eastern as much as possible while keeping the designs updated and relevant to the ever-evolving fashion world.

Sadaf always aims for her pieces not to be just single-use but rather to be reusable for generations to come. 

Just like the beautiful pieces our mothers and grandmothers treasure in their closets.

Sadaf Fawad Khan, also known as SFK Bridals, focuses on bridal wear, formal wear, and luxury ready-to-wear fashion for men and women.

Click to check Sadaf Fawad Khan‘s official website.

15. Faraz Manan

From Faraz Manan’s Instagram

Ever since his eponymous label’s launch in 2003, Faraz Manan is best known for his luxury bridal dresses.

His designs have contemporary aesthetics and are prepared with close attention to detail.

The Lahore-based designer Faraz’s collections are all about modern cuts and styles. However, his traditional bridal lines are just as good as the former.

Faraz Manan offers luxury fabric, ready-to-wear, and enchanting bridal gowns featuring his signature threadwork, delicate embellishments, bold forms, and immaculate tailoring.

Click to check Faraz Manan‘s official website.

16. Nida Azwer

From Nida Azwer’s Instagram

As one of the top designers in the country, Nida Azwer is all set to raise the bar even higher.

Only one month after her graduation from the Indus Valley School of Art & Architecture, she started to work and design under her eponymous label.

Nida Azwer always had a huge admiration for the fine art of local Pakistani artisans, with their craft serving as a core inspiration in her designs.

The award-winning designer is recognized for her passion for vintage and classic elements mixed with traditional Pakistani crafts and timeless design.

Each piece is handworked using only the finest of all fabrics, including pure chiffons, handwoven silks, Irish linen, and French lace.

She also takes inspiration from Pakistan’s age-old embroideries and reinvents them to create new stitches.

Click to check Nida Azwer‘s official website.

17. Shehla Chatoor

From Shehla Chatoor’s Instagram

Shehla Chatoor is what you would call vintage East meets urban glamor.

Her design philosophy is to pick up vintage art forms and reinvent them to create family heirloom pieces that are passed down to the next generation and still work for them.

She is often seen integrating Persian embroidery techniques like Zardozi’s work and Gara embroidery and fusing these traditional crafts with contemporary aesthetics.

Shehla Chatoor offers everything from bridal wear to evening couture and ready-to-wear. However, all of her lines are extremely exclusive, custom-made, and only available by appointment.

Besides that, Shehla Chatoor also offers a glamorous line of shoes and pouches that perfectly go with her pieces.

18. Sobia Nazir

From Sobia Nazir’s Instagram

Established in 1995, Sobia Nazir is one of Pakistan’s leading fashion brands offering affordable designer wear for women. 

Premium quality, affordability, and innovation in design are the essence and work philosophies of Sobia’s designer label.

Sobia Nazir offers an impressive luxury range under 7 sub-brands, including casual wear, ready-to-wear, formal & bridal wear, and embroidered fabrics.

Her designs feature beautiful patterns and attractive color combinations alongside contemporary cuts to give the modern Pakistani woman a classy, stylish look.

Sobia Nazir’s bridal designs embody a fusion of traditional and contemporary looks. 

By utilizing exquisite craftsmanship, fine thread work along with precious and semi-precious stones, she makes sure to give each bride a glamorous look.

Click to check Sobia Nazir‘s official website.

19. Kamiar Rokni

From Kamiar Rokni’s Instagram

Kamiar Rokni is truly a deep thinker of luxury. 

The Lahore-based designer specializes in bridal wear and Haute Couture while taking inspiration from Pakistan’s cultural heritage and its modern aesthetics.

Ever since the launch of his namesake fashion house in 2007, Kamiar Rokni’s unique designs continue to be a roaring success. 

His collections express an old-world charm blended with traditional heritage and modern vibes.

Kamiar Rokni’s designs exude glamor, nobility, history, and art, ranging from one-of-a-kind signature pieces in calm pastel shades to bold and poppy colors.

20. Bunto Kazmi

From Bunto Kazmi’s Instagram

When it comes to Pakistani fashion, Bunto Kazmi is no stranger to the list.

Initially run by her mother-in-law Sughra Kazmi, Bunto took over the business, which was already among the stars, and decided to shoot for the moon.

She is best known for her “Farshi Gharara” (a popular style of Mughal fashion) and prioritization of her clients’ needs and demands. 

Bunto Kazmi is not often seen on runways. This built-up curiosity leads to jaw-dropping moments when you do see her work on brides.

Moreover, unlike other designers, Bunto Kazmi mostly designs for individual brides and uses them as the muse of the brand.

21. Fahad Hussayn

From Fahad Hussay’s Instagram

Renowned designer Fahad Hussayn began his fashion journey by designing clothing for his family right from his home. 

However, due to his immaculate talent, his customer base quickly expanded beyond his family.

With his main focus on bridal and men’s wear, Fahad Hussayn’s collections are a lavish fusion of modern and traditional aesthetics based on simple cuts. 

Each garment is made with a wide lens of art and top-notch craftsmanship.

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