16 Famous Turkish Fashion Designers: Gems of Turkish Fashion

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In this article, you will see the review of the most famous 16 Turkish fashion designers.

Istanbul has become a golden gateway where West meets East and brings mysterious fascination into the styles found within.

Now, Turkish fashion designers are taking over the runways and red carpets of the world. Some you will have seen, and others you may not.

Whether you are looking for a dress or want to explore Turkish fashion, as a Turkish fashion addict, I will introduce some of the most talented Turkish Fashion designers.

1. Dilara Findikoglu

“I don’t want any burdens,” says Dilara Findikoglu plainly. “I just want to make people feel amazing—and I want to feel amazing. I don’t want any extra clothing. I just want body, mind, and soul.”
-Quote from Vogue Runway interview

Born in Istanbul in 1990, Turkish-born Dilara studied at the Fashion Design department at the University of the Arts London (Central Saint Martins), one of the most prestigious schools in the world.

Stepping into the industry after her graduation, she received the appreciation of the most famous names in the fashion world with the clothes she designed.

Later on, dressed US model Bella Hadid for Paris Fashion Week in 2020, she continues to make a name for herself as her celebrity clientele grows.

You can click to check Dilara Findikoglu‘s official website.

2. Nedret Taciroglu

Nedret Taciroglu graduated with an honors degree in interior design from Istanbul Mimar Sinan University. 

The combination of her love for fashion and interior design led to Nedret’s first collection in 1980 under her brand name NEDO.

Celebrities such as Jenifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefani, Kylie Jenner, Angela Bassett, Michelle Hunziker, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Katherine Jenkins, Amanda Holden, and Nicole Kimpel are just a few that wore a gown by Nedret. 

Some designs of NEDO’s Spring Summer 2022 Collection. From Nedret Taciroglu’s Instagram

If you are a lover of tule, lace, and sparkle, he is the designer for you. 

In 2012, Nedret opened her own boutique in Istanbul.  Since then, Nedret has designed her ready-to-wear line, including evening wear, cocktail dresses, and accessories. 

The Nedo by Nedret Taciroglu brand is also sold in other elite boutiques in Paris, Monaco, Caserta, Singapore, Dubai, Ryad, Abu Dhabi, Panama, Qatar, Kuwait, and Jeddah.

You can click to check Nedret Taciroglu‘s official website.

3. Hakan Akkaya

In his fashion design career, besides having his own collection, he was a department manager in the leading Turkish fashion brands like Boyner, Altınyıldız, and Sarar.

He is also a Turkish TV celebrity performing as a jury member in Turkish fashion contests.

He presented his collections at New York Fashion Week in February 2017, September 2017, February 2019, and February 2020.

As well as preparing custom-made designs for both men and women with the brand HAKAN AKKAYA, he is also designing pret-a-porter products.

You can click to check Hakan Akkaya‘s official website.

4. Huseyin Caglayan (also known as Hussein Chalayan.)

Swedish Singer Björk in the Chalayan Airmail Jacket from Autumn Winter 1994 on the cover of her ‘Post’ album. From Chalayan’s Instagram

Hussein is a designer who graduated from Central St. Martins College of Art and Design London in 1990.

The 2000 autumn-winter ready-to-wear show at the London Dance Theater was such a critical hit for Chalayan. 

Due to his contributions to English Fashion, Hussein was awarded British Designer of the Year by the British Fashion Council two times, and he has been accepted into The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire.

From this point on, he has embellished his career by becoming Head of Fashion at the University of Applied Arts Vienna and having multiple devoted exhibitions throughout art museums globally. 

His list of celebrity clientele is longer than anyone would care to read. He continues to release ready-to-wear pieces in his store in Mayfair, London. 

You can click to check Huseyin Caglayan‘s official website.

6. Dilek Hanif

Dilek Hanif uses Anatolian and traditional Turkish cultural designs by adding tones of her creative, courageous, and visionary personality.

While still showing femininity in all her works, Dilek Hanif is able to encapsulate beauty while showing strength.

You will find her fashion shops in Istanbul and various countries across the globe. There is also an option to buy online for a few countries.

You can click to check Dilek Hanif‘s official website.

7. Rufat Ismayil

Rufat Ismayil was born in February 1981 in Baku, Azerbaijan.

In 2014, Rufat Ismayil’s fashion brand Affair.fff started to present its collection in Milan, Florence, Istanbul, Tehran, Dubai fashion weekends. 

As celebrities started to wear their dresses to award ceremonies such as the Grammys and the Oscars, his continued fame led to Rufat being offered to work with Beyoncé for the premiere of The Lion King. 

Affair.fff fashion house is located in Istanbul.

You can click to check Rufat Ismayil‘s official website.

8. Arzu Kaprol

Arzu Kaprol designs timeless clothes and accessories. Arzu works in multiple genres of clothing as she has pieces from office wear to bridal gowns.

She has also worked with many leading fashion houses in Turkey, like Beymen, and attended many international fashion events.

Arzu operates one of the best fashion boutiques in Istanbul.

Prices within her collections are affordable while still being of the highest quality, indicating that she wants her fashion items to be accessible.

You can click to check Arzu Kaprol‘s official website.

9. Ozgur Masur

Born in 1979 in Istanbul, Ozgur Masur graduated from Marmara University Fine Arts Faculty Textile Design Department Fashion Design in 2001.

Since his student years, Masur has exhibited his works at many national and international fairs. He also has provided collections and consultancy to corporate companies.

In 2008, Masur founded his brand, in which he created designs that fuse tradition and modernity.

Masur presented its first collection as part of the IF Fashion Fair in 2008 and opened its showroom in the same year.

Pret-a-Couture collections reflect sophisticated lines with extremely feminine and elegant silhouettes that offer a unique style.

Besides Pret-a-Couture, Masur also has two more lines, Haute Couture and Bridal.

You can click to check Ozgur Masur‘s official website.

10. Cengiz Abazoglu

adL + Cengiz Abazoğlu Spring-Summer 2020 Collection

Cengiz Abazoğlu has become one of the most important fashion designers in the Turkish fashion world in recent years. 

Working as a Haute Couture fashion designer not only in evening dresses but also in daytime dresses.

Within Cengiz Abazoglu’s collection, you will find asymmetrical designs and interesting forms unseen in most modern designer clothes.

11. Atıl Kutoglu

Born in 1969 in Istanbul, Atil first entered the world of fashion through an internship at Vakko and Beymen.

With the fashion shows he held in Düsseldorf, Milan, and New York in 1995, he managed to get his name mentioned with praise, with his collections bearing traces of Traditional Turkish and Ottoman art. 

In 1996, he won the Salzburg Prize, a very valuable prize for the fashion world, at the textile symposium held in Salzburg.

He participated in fashion weeks in Vienna, Munich, Düsseldorf, Milan, and New York, featuring famous names such as Alek Wek, Elizabeth Jagger, Jermaine Jackson, and Alexandra Richards, who walked on the runway. 

Atıl currently resides in Vienna and has his designer shop in Vienna. You can check his Instagram for his portfolio.

12. House of Silk (Founded by Nilay Toksun)

From House of Silk’s Instagram

After completing her economics education in Vienna, Austria, in 2015, Nilay Toksun completed her training in advertising, fashion in the digital age, and communication technologies in England and America.

After taking inspiration from the women of Vienna, she established a fashion brand with luxury lingerie, women’s wear, and home textile collections.

House of Silk is a brand that includes sustainable style products that can be used for a longer period by eliminating style development and the consuming line of fashion with its timeless colors and lines.

As a customer, I can say House of Silk produces excellent quality, unique designs at affordable rates.

You can click to check House of Silk‘s official website.

13. Hale Baykuş

Founded in 2020 in the cosmopolitan city of Istanbul, where inspirations intersect between East and West, HALEIA focuses on the healing power of nature, inner integrity, movement, and attitude.

As in all of their collections, the fashion house opens its doors to a uniquely harmonious world where it combines vibrant colors with pastel tones, keeping the idea of ​​creating contrast. 

You can click to check Hale Baykuş’s Haleia’s official website.

14. Benjamin Aydin

From Les Benjamin’s Instagram

Bünyamin Aydın, the creator of Les Benjamins, was born in 1989 to a Turkish family in Germany.

The brand he founded with 10-15 thousand Euros, which he received from his family at 19, enabled him to live his dreams today.

In 2011, his brand Les Benjamins was launched. Initially started with printed t-shirts, the brand soon added men’s and women’s ready-to-wear lines.

Thanks to these unique designs, he became the first Turk to design for Nike. He also worked with major international fashion brands in Turkey like BMW, Besiktas, Hennessy, Nike, Apple, Puma, and Alpha Industries.

The modern style he created with the influences of the Middle East was a hit, and the new trend he started was highly appreciated. Les Benjamins brand has stores in Istanbul and some Middle Eastern countries.

You can click to check Benjamin Aydin’s Les Benjamin’s official website.

15. Aslı Filinta

Born and raised in Turkey, Asli Filinta Demir is an internationally acclaimed young Turkish designer in New York. 

Her work has Found inspiration from Anatolian Culture, and the forever beating heart of her brand ‘Aslı Filinta’ is centered around social conscience. 

She launched ‘Aslı Filinta’ and presented her first collection in New York in March 2008. 

She was honored with the Young Designers Fashion Award by Who’s Next organization of Paris in 2009. 

Her lines feature organic and sustainable fabrics set in beautiful bright colors, along with crisp silhouettes to strengthen a women’s form. 

You can click to check Asli Filinta‘s official website.

16. DB Berdan’s

DB Berdan is an eco-friendly London-based urban luxury brand launched by matriarchal Turkish designers Beg Berdan and Deniz Berdan.

DB BERDAN collections focus on gender-neutral clothing aiming to unite a community of like-minded individuals who are not defined by gender, race, or gender.

They have marked four pillars in a new way; functional, trans-seasonal, sterile, and ethical.

Each outfit is made to be comfortable and tactical while moving around urban areas, working out, or relaxing at home.

The brand’s collections are featured across publications such as Vogue Italia, Vogue UK, Vogue Turkey, and many more.

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