27 Austrian Clothing Brands: From Classic to Contemporary

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In this article, we reviewed 27 of the most famous Austrian clothing brands for women and men, including affordable and luxury fashion brands.

Just like its European neighbors, Austrians like to dress in a simple, minimalistic, yet sophisticated way utilizing versatile clothing pieces in neutral shades.

Austria has a unique and diverse fashion landscape to offer quality brands and creative masterminds, providing wonderful style options.

From Vienna’s high streets to Salzburg’s quaint boutiques, these brands showcase the artistry and innovation of Austrian design.

Whether you’re after the timeless charm of Trachten or the sleek appeal of urban fashion, Austrian labels offer a spectrum of styles that cater to every taste.

With all that being said, let me help you discover fabulous Austrian brands ranging from lavish designers to renowned clothing brands.

1. Helmut Lang

Being in business since the late 80s, Helmut Lang has been making fashion waves ever since for his minimalistic yet often severe designs speaking for themselves.

Helmut Lang offers a luxurious variety of classical basics and semi-formal pieces designed with contemporary style and understated chic aesthetics in mind.

Women’s wear ensembles are characterized by the brand’s iconic drapery elements, interesting asymmetric lines, seasonless pieces, and minimalistic color palettes.

The brand provides timeless elegance throughout the seasons and trends and the versatility to style each item in different ways.

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2. Swarovski

From Swarovski’s Instagram

Even though it’s not a clothing brand, what would this list be without the world-famous Austrian brand Swarovski?

Specializing in glass production, the company is globally renowned for its magical Swarovski crystals, commonly used in fashion jewelry, exclusive watches, and many other crystal creations, hypnotizing its admirers with its exceptional beauty.

The Austrian family business roots go back to 1895, when it was founded by Daniel Swarovski and has ever since preserved its exceptional craftsmanship and elegance.

Today, Swarovski is regarded as one of the best luxury fashion brands in the world.

Enter the whimsical world of Swarovski and explore a captivating variety of stunningly designed jewelry, including earrings, studs, bracelets, and necklaces, as well as elegant watches and many other attention-grabbing items.

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3. Petar Petrov

Fine quality, exceptional craftsmanship, and elegant aesthetics – Petar Petrov is gaining increasing global recognition owing to his unique statement designs being limitlessly graceful.

The Ukrainian-born designer launched his self-named eponymous brand after finishing his studies in fashion at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna.

Luxurious materials, and sharp tailoring with timeless sophistication are the brand’s essence, which can be spotted throughout each collection.

Petar Petrov offers gorgeous basic casual pieces that are versatile, easy to style, and incredibly comfortable.

These include knitted cardigans, silk and cashmere sweaters, wide-leg jeans’ and leather pants, as well as blazers, dresses, skirts, and many other cool pieces.

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4. Femme Maison

From Femme Maison’s Instagram

Femme Maison is a luxury clothing brand specializing in supreme quality women’s wear.

Led by husband & wife duo Sia Ali-Pour-Kermani and Franziska Fürpass, Femme Maison gained international recognition due to its timeless designs of effortless elegance.

The Vienna-based fashion house is best known for its classic styles customized to a particular season. 

Besides that, Femme Maison apparel ensures a perfect fit with fine tailoring. 

Each fabric is handpicked and then further processed under excellent manufacturing of knowledge, artisanship, and attention to detail.

Femme Maison creates luxurious apparel for modern women, leaving them to feel elegantly comfortable.

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5. Jana Wieland

From Jana Wieland’s Instagram

Specializing in elite apparel for men and women, Jana Wieland stuns with a wholesome collection of fresh designs symbolizing timelessly casual looks catered to modern urban men and women.

Due to boundless talent and tastefully crafted designs, the prestigious brand won the City of Vienna’s Fashion Prize in 2018.

The brand was displayed as a major contributor and part of the Austrian fashion scene at the MAK Show in 2020.

The Viennese label preserves its philosophy through oversized fashion pieces enhanced with playful silhouettes and a perfect balance between modernism and simplicity.

At Jana Wieland, you will discover beautiful fashion pieces ranging from shirts, tops, dresses, skirts, and pants to outerwear and bags.

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6. CALLISTI Fashion

From CALLISTI’s Instagram

Callisti is a fashion label for chic and extravagant ensembles for men and women.

Derived from the old Greek word “kallisté” (καλλίστῃ), meaning “for the most beautiful”, Callisti Fashion made its step into the Austrian fashion world in 2007 with its founder and designer Martina Müller Callisti leading her brand towards limitless success.

Callisti Fashion offers avant-garde fashion pieces blended with chic details and a touch of biker visuals to form a tastefully combined collection of casual ready-to-wear apparel for men and women.

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7. Moto Djali

From Moto Djali’s Facebook

In 2013, Alice Müller and Jennifer Mory came together and founded their eponymous brand Moto Djali catered to the fashion needs of confident urban men and women.

The Austrian brand works closely with wheelchair users and young fashion labels and develops exceptionally stylish apparel for both genders, whether sitting or standing.

Moto Djali apparel envelops the body amid perfect tailoring and innovative silhouettes and complements its wearer’s personality through sophisticated modern design alongside utmost functionality and high-quality fabrics.

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8. AND_i by Andreas Eberharter

From AND_i’s Instagram

AND_i is a renowned Austrian designer brand founded by skilled goldsmith and sculptor Andres Eberharter, who stuns with extraordinary and eye-catching jewelry creations you don’t get to see every day.

Starting as a freelance artist in Vienna in 1992, the designer took an unusual step further and created the eponymous brand AND_i.

Fashion house quickly gained immediate international success with awards like The Vienna Fashion Award in 2010 for “best jewelry designer”, The Mercur Innovation Award in 2011 for “creativity” and again The Vienna Fashion Award in 2012, this time for “best designer branding”.

If that wasn’t enough, AND_i’s famous eyepatch creation was featured in Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” music video. 

Moreover, Andreas Eberharter’s unique jewelry brand owns a loyal fan base, including major names like Beyonce, Lindsay Lohan, Milla Jovovich, Kiera Chaplin, Kesha, Kat Graham, and Tarkan.

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9. Irina Hofer

Irina Hofer is a much-beloved fashion designer who creates stunning attire dedicated to bringing the utmost femininity into the spotlight.

The Austrian designer has been making many women fall in love with her luxurious dresses featuring the finest tailoring and fabrics alongside body-flattering and figure-hugging silhouettes to accentuate feminine curves.

At Irina Hofer, you can avail jaw-dropping dresses of all sorts and kinds that will leave you in awe.

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10. House of the very island’s

From House of the very island’s Instagram

Avant-garde, Unisex & Effortless wearability – Vienna-based clothing brand House of the very island’s become a one-of-a-kind apparel producer ever since its beginning in 2008.

The fashion house focuses on creating modern casual attire enhanced with experimental cuts and silhouettes while using ecological materials and organic colors by concentrating on explicit sustainability.

Browse through the House of the very island’s collections, including shirts, button shirts, sweaters, hoodies, pants, jackets, and accessories designed with a modern all-gender approach.

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11. Sunies

Let me introduce you to unique shoes from Vienna – Sunies.

Specializing in distinctive footwear, Sunies designs and manufactures sandals, slippers, and a unique type of “sneakers” made for summertime and daily life activities.

All shoes are made of Vinyl-flex, which helps to adapt to the foot’s movement, ensuring good flexibility.

The soles are equipped with EVA foam to provide a soft feel and the necessary comfort. 

Furthermore, Sunies only uses 100% recyclable, vegan and waterproof materials as well as utilizing natural resources like coconut and bamboo fibers, coconut oil, and salt.

Check out Sunies to see how the Austrian shoe brand cleverly combines nature and beauty.

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12. You Look Perfect

From You Look Perfect’s Instagram

You Look Perfect offers exceptionally comfortable loungewear for women made from the finest Italian merino yarn to provide that comfy cozy feeling you’re looking for when at home.

When founder and fashion designer Sandra Milacher struggled to find the perfect wear that would fulfill her requirements, she decided to pull up her sleeves and launched her luxury loungewear brand in 2017.

The designer develops a wide range of relaxing loungewear that comes in different styles and colors and is made from breathable, stretchy, and nature-friendly materials. 

And if that wasn’t enough, You Look Perfect wraps your ordered items in plastic-free tissue paper and ships them in a cardboard box made from recycled waste paper.

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13. Steinbock

Steinbock is an Austrian clothing label based on a family business that dates back to 1936.

The Innsbruck-based fashion brand specializes in clothing pieces for men and women, including coats, jackets, dresses, skirts, and pants.

All designs are made from natural materials found in Austrian and its surrounding landscapes such as boiled and wool fabrics, linen, cotton, and fine quality loden.

Steinbock’s collections can be easily distinguished by their contemporary designs and traditional Austrian elements enhanced with a modern twist.

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14. Sportalm

Sportalm is the perfect combination of sporty Alpine style, edgy cuts, and funky colors and patterns.

The Austrian clothing label offers a gigantic variety of peppy modern sportswear lines and basics creatively intensified with clever cuts, captivating patterns, unique details, and eye-catching color explosions.

Whether functional activewear, sportswear, or basic pieces like shirts, leggings, coats, jackets, and turtlenecks, Sportalm keeps dressing its valued customers with its Austrian luxury apparel of maximum practicality and quality.

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15. Giesswein

Discover extraordinary footwear from Austria with Giesswein.

The Austrian shoe manufacturer specializes in designing and manufacturing quality shoes for the whole family plus home and apparel items, including wool hats, jackets, and much more.

Giesswein’s variety consists of an abundance of runners, sneakers, ballerinas, and home shoes made from the finest wool, creating an extremely light, 100% breathable shoe that adapts to every movement with a versatile design to suit any outfit.

Click to check the official store of Giesswein.

16. HÖGL Shoes

From Högl’s Instagram

Get ready for a-class quality footwear from Austria with the notable brand of HÖGL.

The renowned shoe manufacturer has been producing high-quality and stylish footwear for women since its birth in 1935.

Ever since its creation, it has been practicing the art of shoemaking through feminine designs while maintaining luxurious quality and comfort, all dedicated to its feminine customers.

HÖGL offers a wide range of outstanding shoes, stylish bags, and accessories.

Click to check the official store of HÖGL.

17. Eisbär Austrian Ski Hats

If you’re planning a trip for skiing or enjoying snow sports in general, Eisbär is a must-visit.

The Austrian brand and family business has been equipping snowsport lovers worldwide and is particularly famous amongst skiers.

Eisbär is extensively loved for its appealing color palettes, wild styles, and designs packed with utmost functionality.

Eisbär’s philosophy of ski wear is to develop apparel items that can be worn not only in the snowy mountains but also in the city.

At Eisbär, you will get to see a fantastic range of sports-orientated apparel, accessories, and equipment such as head- and neckwear, practical jackets of supreme quality, pullovers utilizing warm knit and fleece fabrics, and much more.

Click to check the official store of Eisbär.

18. Schneiders

From Schneiders’s Instagram

Let me introduce you to Salzburg-based luxury brand Schneiders.

Initially starting as a coat factory in 1946, Schneiders has expanded its portfolio into a full collection of classic men’s and women’s fashion apparel alongside a selection of traditional costumes and outerwear.

The Austrian high-end clothing brand is distinguished by its fusion of traditional elements with contemporary notes as well as discreet artisanship, providing the modern demands of quality and comfort of today’s customers.

Schneiders is a well-known Austrian brand for luxurious products and is recognized for its excellence in fashion design.

19. arido Hemden Manufaktur

From Arido’s Instagram

Arido Hemden Manufaktur is an Austrian clothing brand focusing on producing fine-quality button shirts and traditional costume pieces enhanced with modern elements.

Arido provides an interesting collection of traditional items for men and women mixed with modern details. 

Items like button shirts, blouses, plus an accessories line including Austrian costume complimenting ties, bow ties, and check-style shawls, bring forward the Austrian brand’s spirit and philosophy.

Click to check the official store of arido Hemden Manufaktur.

20. Edith A’gay

From Edith A’gay’s Instagram

Edith A’gay is a Vienna-based fashion designer and creator of her eponymous high-end fashion label, which has been dressing its female customers since 1997.

Best known for unusual cuts, loose hanging ribbons, and easily transformable pieces with feminine elements, the Austrian luxury brand preserves its essence through unique designs.

Edith A’Gay participated in over 40 international fashion shows and events and counts as one of Austria’s major contributors to the global fashion scene.

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21. Arthur Arbesser

From Arthur Arbesser’s Instagram

Viennese designer Arthur Arbesser has been making fashion waves since the launch of his clothing label in 2013, solely dedicated to modern women.

The talented fashion artist introduced his first collection only one year later in the prestigious Milan Fashion Week and has gained international recognition ever since.

Amid his gifted hands and immeasurable creativity, Arthur Abesser offers a contemporary style with classic, sophisticated silhouettes, geometric visuals, and influences of the Austrian capital city and history, plus Italian details.

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22. Wendy & Jim

From Wendy & Jim’s Instagram

Let me introduce you to the Austrian luxury designer brand Wendy & Jim, founded by Helga Ruthner and Hermann Frankhauser.

The high-end clothing label specializes in avant-garde fashion, jumbling together different materials, textures, colors, and patterns with knowledge and expertise, resulting in a tastefully combined outfit of futuristic, yet easily approachable style.

Wendy & Jim will keep you engaged with its funky attire for men and women alongside genderless pieces. 

From preppy color combos, edgy cuts, and experimental details, Wendy & Jim’s ensembles make a statement on their own, yet let their wearer’s personality shine through.

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23. Flora Miranda

From Flora Miranda’s Instagram

Flora Miranda is an eminent and widely celebrated fashion designer from Austria and is based in Antwerp, Belgium.

Prominent for her innovative and inventive haute couture collections, Flora Miranda strives to challenge the old-fashioned haute couture with excitingly peculiar designs involving futuristic aesthetics and inspirations from real and virtual.

Flora Miranda won The Radio Star Prize Austria in 2017 for her marvelous showcase installation “Time Warp” and presents her one-of-a-kind collection in the prestigious Paris Fashion Week twice a year.

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24. Mothwurf-Austrian Couture

From Mothwurf-Austrian Couture’s Instagram

If you love traditional Austrian clothing, this love will grow even stronger once you get to know this unique fashion label and family business.

The Mothwurf family’s roots in the apparel industry can be traced back to the 1770s, whereas the Mothwurf-Austrian Couture itself was established in 1988 by Stefanie and Helmuth Schramke.

The Mothwurf-Austrian Couture produces traditional costumes mixed with modern elements, advanced materials, and details while maintaining its original look.

With its main concentration on utmost femininity, the one-of-a-kind brand offers a wide selection of reinvented traditional costumes that can be easily restyled as separates or combined.

The most popular item is the skirt which comes in all lengths, shapes, and colors. Other Mothwurf pieces include dresses, dirndls, slim-fitted trousers, jackets, and form-fitted blazers.

Click to check the official store of Mothwurf-Austrian Couture.

25. Popolini

From Popolini’s Instagram

Popolini promises baby and children’s clothing to its valued customers, comprising flawless quality alongside adorable designs.

The Salzburg-based baby textile producer has been in business since the 90s and is best known for its washable diapers.

Keeping children’s safety at the forefront, Popolini utilizes only skin-friendly natural materials like organic cotton and wool while maintaining sustainable, eco-friendly, and fair production processes.

Due to its expertise of many years and future-minded concept, Popolini is the first baby-textile producer to develop safe apparel for its customers’ cute offspring.

Click to check the official store of Popolini.

26. Herr und Frau Klein (Mr. & Mrs. Little)

From Herr und Frau Klein’s Instagram

Herr und Frau Klein is one of the most popular brands for mothers or parents in general, where you can find everything for your little ones.

The brand’s stores offer a massive variety of cute and high-quality apparel for infants and children, countless colorful toys, highly functional buggies, furniture, and all accessories you could possibly think of.

Austria’s Herr und Frau Klein is a one-stop solution for children’s necessities.

Click to check the official store of Herr und Frau Klein.

27. Roshi Porkar

Roshi Porkar is an Austrian fashion designer who launched her self-named brand in 2014 in her birth city, Vienna.

The graduate of Vienna’s University of Applied Arts has been working under Belgian fashion designer Véronique Branquinho, German fashion designer Bernhard Willhelm and Paris-based high-fashion house Lanvin.

Then in 2014, the gifted designer participated in the 29th edition of the International Festival of Fashion and Photography in Hyères and won the Chloé Prize proving her expertise and ability to become a frontrunner in the fashion industry.

Roshi Porkar’s designs embody a forward-thinking concept of modern clothing with inspiration from her cultural influences.

Her one-of-a-kind ensembles comprise the utilization of different materials, textures, and details resulting in an attention-grabbing outfit.

Each item tells its own story and speaks for itself in its wearer’s wardrobe.

Unafraid of peculiar cuts, shapes, and tailoring, Roshi Porkar offers a wide range of high-fashion clothing for bold modern women daring enough to make a style statement with unusual pieces.

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