21 Most Popular German Fashion Designers

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In this article, I will introduce you to the 21 Most Popular German Fashion Designers and their brands.

Germany, alias “The heart of Europe”, is jam-packed with an enormous amount of creative legends, world-famous fashion designers, and forthcoming young talents.

For generations, Germany has been shaping the landmark of the world’s fashion industry and is one of the most influential countries in fashion.

Notorious names like world-famous fashion designers Karl Lagerfeld, Hugo Boss, Jil Sander, and Marc O’Polo are only the tip of the iceberg.

Let’s dive deeper and discover 22 German fashion designers to look out for.

1. Jil Sander

From Jil Sander’s Instagram

First up on our list is Jil Sander – a renowned top designer prominent in Germany and Europe.

Her designs perfectly represent German minimalism, which has given her the name “The Queen of Less”.

Even though Jil Sander has long left her eponymous fashion house, which is now owned by the Italian fashion group OTB, her straightforward yet sophisticated designs continue to be in high demand worldwide.

Click to check Jil Sander‘s official website.

2. Escada

From Escada’s Instagram

The Escada brand all began in 1978 when husband-wife duo Margaretha and Wolfgang Ley launched their first collection.

Since then, Escada has offered remarkable artisanship and pure elegance, featuring bright color combos, bold designs, and impeccable tailoring.

German designer brand Escada exudes nothing but luxurious apparel made from the best fabrics.

The German fashion house’s clients include Lady Diana, Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, Sarah, Duchess of York, and American actress Kim Basinger.

Click to check Escada‘s official website.

3. Wolfgang Joop

From Joop’s Instagram

Next up is Wolfgang Joop, who blessed Germany in 1986 with the founding of his iconic luxury brand JOOP!

After only one year in business, the brand was getting even more attention with its first fragrance line launch in 1987.

JOOP! is recognized for its collection of alluring fragrances and contemporary designs for confident men and women with a highly developed awareness of style.

Click to check Joop‘s official website.

4. Phillipp Plein

From Phillipp Plein’s Instagram

Phillipp Plein has built himself a reputation for bold design, flashy aesthetics, and extravagant fashion shows.

Initially beginning his career in furniture design, Phillipp Plein didn’t want to waste any leftover materials, so he used them to create bags and accessories, leading to his eponymous company’s birth in 2004.

With his rebellious spirit and provocative designs, Phillipp Plein’s crocodile skin handbags, fur jackets, leather trousers, and skull t-shirts have made it into the closets of famous footballers and rappers.

Phillipp Plein’s fashion shows are nothing but normal and depict monster trucks, cage fights, explosions, full-scale roller coasters, and Jet Ski jousting.

Click to check Phillipp Plein‘s official website.

5. Jette Joop

Jette’s designs (including accessories.) From Jette’s Instagram

Yep, you guessed it right. Henriette Elisabeth Joop, also known as Jette Joop, is the daughter of fashion designer Wolfgang Joop.

Jette Joop is an industrial, jewelry, and fashion designer who launched her namesake brand JETTE in 1997.

JETTE is all about the concept of modern and sophisticated design that meets high quality and functionality.

The label sets itself apart by introducing new aesthetic standards catered to the strong, independent, and self-determined woman.

Besides clothing, JETTE also designs jewelry, accessories, fragrances, and lifestyle items. 

Click to check Jette’s official website.

6. Michael Michalsky

From MICHALSKY’s Instagram

Michael Michalsky is one of Germany’s most successful and influential fashion designers.

He has worked as a Design Manager at Levi’s, Worldwide Creative Director for Adidas, and Creative Director of luxury fashion brand MCM.

In 2006, his own brand “Michalsky” came into being. The German fashion designer’s most important inspiration sources are music and art.

The results are high-fashion designs combined with classical styles shaped by sports and streetwear elements.

Besides his namesake brand MICHALSKY, the luxury designer also offers products under the labels MICHALSKY PARFUMS and MICHALSKY LIVING. 

Additionally, he runs the MICHALSKY DesignLab agency offering design services and has an impressive client base, including Sony, Disney, BMW, WWF, Intel, LG, and Marriott.

Click to check Michael Michalsky‘s Official website.

7. Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld is a name belonging to one of the world’s most prestigious and cherished icons in the fashion industry.

He was the creative director of major fashion houses, including Chanel and Fendi, and his own signature brand.

Celebrated for his contemporary vision in design, Lagerfeld’s aesthetic was all about elegant Parisian classics spiced up with rock-chic elements and tailored silhouettes.

This combo resulted in Karl Lagerfeld’s prominence for his cutting-edge approach to style and expanded beyond fashion towards styling, photography, publishing, and illustration.

His iconic black-and-white look and brilliance in fashion are still remembered today.

His eponymous fashion house continues to share his design aesthetic.

Karl Lagerfeld’s collections are stocked in over 200 mono-brand stores worldwide, including Munich, London, Paris, Moscow, New York, Shanghai, and Dubai.

Click to check Karl Lagerfeld’s official website.

8. Hugo Boss

Great things take time and require a lot of hard work and endeavors to be remembered for centuries. Hugo Boss is a perfect example of that.

Ever since its inception in 1923, Hugo Ferdinand Boss has steadily climbed up the ladder of success despite many difficulties.

In 1924, he opened his clothing factory, becoming a supplier of Party equipment. Due to economic difficulties, Hugo Boss was forced to file for bankruptcy in 1931.

Yet, he revived his business again with 6 sewing machines and began producing uniforms. After he died in 1948, Hugo Boss’s son-in-law Eugen Holy took over, forging its new future and transforming it into one of the world’s most prestigious high fashion brands as we know it today.

His ever-famous designer label Hugo Boss, is cherished worldwide today.

Additionally, Hugo Boss’s fragrance line is regarded as one of the best perfume brands in Europe.

Click to check Hugo Boss’s official website.

9. Marc O’Polo

From Marc O’Polo’s Instagram

Marc O’Polo is a giant in the fashion industry and doesn’t need an introduction.

The notorious German and Swedish designer brand began in 1967 in Stockholm when the three creative geniuses Rolf Lind, Gote Huss, and Jerry O’Sheets founded Marc O’Polo.

Their first store opened in 1979 in Düsseldorf, Germany. 

During slow expansions, the label shifted its headquarters in 1997 from Stockholm to Stephanskirchen, Germany.

Throughout the decades, Marc O’Polo has built a reputation of utmost quality and trust.

Its timeless and laid-back designs, supreme materials, and sophisticated collections for men and women make it one of the most sought-after designer brands in the world.

Click to check Marc O’Polo’s Official website.

10. Uli Herzner

Effortless, timeless, bohemian style and beautiful prints – that’s what Uli Herzner embodies and is loved for.

Ulrike “Uli” Herzner, originally from East Germany, is a former Project Runway contestant and fashion designer who owns a design studio in the heart of New York City.

She steals the hearts of German people with unfailing feminine dresses in ravishing color combos, handpicked prints, and flowy silhouettes. 

These exclusive high-end pieces are either unique, in limited amounts, or made to order.

Uli Herzner also offers a ready-to-wear line with timeless pieces for everyday wear that can easily be dressed up or down and be kept for many seasons to come.

Click to check Uli Herzner‘s official website.

11. Frank Leder

From Frank Leder’s Instagram

Frank Leder’s designs are always an authentic and crisp expression of German culture and history.

The designer established his eponymous brand while still in college and worked his way up in the industry.

His collections are deeply rooted in German history, featuring references from German workwear and traditional men’s tailoring.

Frank Leder’s collections depict themes of fighting students, firemen brigades, miners, butchers, bakers, military themes, and his father’s life.

His design has a modern approach and wearability in mind.

Almost all garments are made from traditional German materials like Schladminger or Deutschleder, which have become his signature pieces.

Click to check Frank Leder‘s official website.

12. Willy Bogner

Another specialty store on our list is German fashion designer, filmmaker, and former alpine ski racer Willy Bogner Jr.

He is the heir of the ever-successful clothing label Bogner, originally set up by his father and skier Willy Bogner Sr. and further expanded through his mother Maria’s design efforts.

Bogner presents exclusive ski fashion at its finest by combining style, elegance, speed, and spirit.

The German ski wear label offers a wide range of premium-quality ski jackets, down jackets, ski trousers, ski suits, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and not to mention ski accessories.

Bogner Ski and Sportswear provides high-quality materials and technology in each product to ensure maximum functionality, practicality, and modern style for its wearer.

Click to check Willy Bogner‘s official website.

13. Boris Bidjan Saberi

From Boris Bidjan Saberi’s Instagram

Boris Bidjan Saberi is a German fashion designer born to a Persian father and a German mother. 

His ancestry greatly influences his spellbinding designs, where he merges the West with the Middle East.

The designer’s peculiar clothing language references skating culture, street style, and hip-hop while mixing European and Middle Eastern culture with an avant-garde approach.

Click to check Boris Bidjan Saberi‘s official website.

14. Robert Geller

Robert Geller’s Instagram

German-born fashion designer Robert Geller is known for his experimental yet tasteful use of colors and fabrics. 

Robert Geller began his fashion career in 2001 as a trainee-ship at the world-famous designer label Marc Jacobs before joining Alexandre Plokhov with whom he created the menswear label Cloak.

Robert Geller’s designs are full of extremely modern cuts and special shapes that are exciting, yet wearable. 

He offers bold color combinations and patterns while playing with different materials and textures.

Click to check Robert Geller’s Instagram.

15. Dorothee Schumacher

German designer label Dorothee Schumacher stands for timeless femininity, fading the boundaries between casual, business, and formal clothing.

Her signature style of feminine sophistication, strength, confidence, and independence can be seen in each of her collections.

From her exceptional sense of colors, delightful patterns, and charming silhouettes, Dorothee Schumacher’s designs offer anything a woman could ask for.

After entering the fashion business in 1989 with her husband Jörg Singhoff, Schumacher eventually expanded into Italy in 1994.

Today, Dorothee Schumacher shops are present in 45 countries and retail in over 600 stores worldwide, including department stores in Berlin, New York, Dubai, and Tokyo.

Click to check Dorothee Schumacher‘s Official website.

16. Leyla Piedayesh

Another ever-remaining hot topic in the German fashion scene is designer Leyla Piedayesh with her label Lala Berlin.

The Iran-born founder and creative director of Lala Berlin takes inspiration from rich cultural diversity and mirrors it in each of her collections.

Founded in 2004, Lala Berlin initially started with a range of knitwear. 

Yet, the brand has grown ever since into one of the most successful designer labels emerging from the German capital.

Leyla Piedayesh’s brand, Lala Berlin, has a unique use of material combinations, innovative design, prints, and patterns, along with its revolutionary bohemian aesthetic.

Leyla Piedayesh’s designs have exceptional quality and artisanship, which helps her stand out in Germany’s fashion scene.

Click to check Leyla Piedayesh‘s official website.

17. Harald Glööckler

From Harald Glööckler’s Instagram

Harald Glööckler is a walking center of attention due to his flamboyant way of dressing, acting, and talking. 

At first glance, one could think he is a bit bonkers, but on the contrary, he knows exactly what he’s doing. 

The German fashion designer, icon, artist, and entrepreneur steals the limelight due to his luxurious and extravagant designs.

Harald Glööckler is widely famous for his rhine-studded and glittery creations featuring his iconic crown motif with the lettering “POMPÖÖS” (meaning pompous in English.)

Harald Glööckler commonly attends TV and fashion shows with his confident, down-to-earth, and extremely likable personality.

His designs include everything from modern clothing, costumes, haute-couture, accessories, and jewelry to interior articles and cosmetic products.

Click to check Harald Glööckler‘s official website.

18. Ashley Marc Hovelle

From Ashley Marc Hovelle’s Instagram

If you’re looking for contemporary menswear and premium quality streetwear, Ashley Marc Hovelle is your calling.

The former Fred Perry designer and tailor of Savile Row established her eponymous brand in 2009.

Since then, Hovelle’s new brand, “Oftt ” offers ultramodern menswear.

Also known as AMH, the designer brand is recognized for its clean aesthetic, focusing on men’s jersey wear. 

Besides cool minimalism, Ashley Marc Hovelle also offers eye-catching patterns and prints alongside embroidery in her designs.

The brand’s collections are sold in over 30 countries and are distributed to some of the best stores in the world.

Click to check Ashley Marc Hovelle’s official website (AMH).

19. Antonia Zander

From Zander’s Instagram

Antonia Zander is a name anyone should know when it comes to utterly stylish and perfectly tailored knitwear.

Antonia Zander’s cashmere brand was initially founded by her mother, Elke Zander, who started in a small shop in Bavaria in 1980.

At this point in her life, between buttons and fabrics, Antonia knew she had found her passion.

The German fashion designer uses pure cashmere from Italy, which is then handknitted in Poland. 

Amplified with the cashmere label’s iconic designs, You will experience quality and art at its highest.

Click to check Antonia Zander‘s official website.

20. Buki Akomolafe

German-Nigerian fashion designer Buki Akomolafe specializes in creating exclusive and reversible quilt pieces.

Buki brings rich diversity due to his mixed background with fully handmade collections that expel tradition, handcraft, aesthetic vision, and design.

Buki Akomolafe uses only high-quality and eco-friendly materials such as organic hemp silk, certified cotton, and African wax prints.

The contemporary clothing label offers a wide range of minimalistic pieces alongside eye-catching prints, patterns, and more enticing cuts.

Click to check Buki Akomolafe‘s official website.

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