22 Best Online Clothing Stores in Germany – A Local’s Guide

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In this guide, I will talk about the 22 best online clothing stores in Germany, including budget, second-hand, and luxury clothes.

First,  I will give you quick information about some of the popular brands and places you will encounter in Germany. Then, I will get into detail.

To give credit, I prepared this guide with my German friend Asma Schleicher.

Here is your quick answer to your questions.

22 Places to Buy Clothes in Germany

You can easily shop for low-priced clothes at stores like KiK, Takko, and Primark. They offer a good price and quality ratio and are quite popular for this reason.

Transitioning from cheap to reasonable, brands like C&A, H&M, Adidas, Nike, New Yorker, Mister Lady, Zara, Zalando, Otto, and Quelle are very good options for finding good clothes at a fair price.

If you can afford the luxury, then there are German luxury brands like Hugo Boss.

You can also read my guide to learn more about German fashion brands that offer a wide range of prices, from cheap to luxury clothing.

Moreover, famous German designer brands like Tom Tailor, Jack Wolfskin, s.Oliver, and Tommy Hilfiger are a few of the many high-end clothing brands available in Germany.

Online shopping websites Amazon, Otto, and eBay are also excellent places to find every clothes and accessories without leaving the comfort of your home.

Thrifting is also very popular these days. So, if you’re someone who enjoys hunting for clothing treasures, Germany also has some thrift stores to offer.

These are scattered throughout cities and are mostly run individually, unlike other “chain outlets”.

Other than that, German online thrift stores like Humana Second Hand & Vintage, Mädchenflohmarkt, Rebelle, Ubup, Vintage and Rags, Vintage Revivals, and Retro Area offer good quality second-hand items as well as designer pieces from international brands.

Let’s get into the details.

1. Amazon (Germany)

Germany has its own Amazon website, and it is the biggest and most popular place to go on a virtual shopping spree.

On German Amazon, you can avail all sorts of fashion items for men, women, and kids, ranging from low-budget clothing to all kinds of brands.

Additionally, you can also shop through their app right from the comfort of your phone.

Amazon Germany supports numerous countries and currencies, ships to over 100 countries and regions, and accepts returns within 30 days.

Moreover, Amazon always offers amazing deals, discounts, and sales, along with a huge variety to choose from.

The best part of Amazon is the easiest signup process. You can log in with the same credentials if you have a membership from any other Amazon website.

Click to check Amazon Germany‘s website.

From Otto’s Instagram

2. Otto

When it comes to e-commerce, Otto is like Usain Bolt in online shopping in Germany.

My family and I have often purchased things from Otto. 

Otto’s quality is great, prices are reasonable, the return policy is well-developed, and customer service is good.

Otto is the second-largest e-commerce company in Germany, best known for its huge variety of fashion, furniture, and electronics.

Their return period goes from 14 to 30 days, depending on the brand.

You can either shop on their website or through their app, available on Google Play. 

Otto is a very old brand, and I remember the times when Otto used to offer a big fat product catalog for subscriptions and orders.

Click to check Otto‘s website.

From Zalando’s Instagram

3. Zalando

Zalando is among the frontrunners in terms of virtual shopping.

At Zalando, you will find fashion items to die for. They have everything from simple and elegant to fun and exciting. 

There is hardly something that won’t fit your taste and style. Plus, their prices are fair, and the clothes are high-quality. 

The online store offers a massive collection of clothing, shoes, sportswear, accessories, beauty products, and designer pieces featuring more than 1500 brands.

Moreover, Zalando provides an amazing return period of 100 days and no return charges.

Click to check Zalando‘s website.

From H&M Germany’s Instagram

4. H&M

Swedish fashion brand H&M is just great, and as a regular H&M buyer, I can assure you that.

The clothing company is famous worldwide for its fast-fashion clothing for men, women, and kids.

H&M offers super trendy clothing ranging from elegant and sophisticated to bold and edgy. 

Sometimes, they even collaborate with famous designers and celebrities and create affordable high-end fashion for the regular consumer.

In general, you can place your H&M order from anywhere in the world. 

If your country or region is not directly listed on their website, you can use a package forwarder to enjoy international shipping. Their return period is 28 days.

H&M’s clothes are of excellent quality, modern, and stylish designs, and you will have no problem finding something that suits your taste.

Click to check H&M‘s website.

5. C&A

Similar to Swedish H&M, Dutch retailer C&A is another great option for shopping in Germany.

C&A offers a massive collection of contemporary and sustainable clothing for the whole family. Plus, their prices are often relatively lower as compared to other retailers like H&M.

C&A, as one of Europe’s leading fashion stores, will keep your closet up to date with its abundant range of apparel, shoes, bags, accessories, sportswear, maternity wear, and more.

Click to check C&A‘s website.

From Primark’s Instagram

6. Primark

If you’re planning on getting some new clothes, you must visit Primark.

Besides their many physical stores in Germany and other locations around the world, they also offer online shopping through their website.

The Irish fast-fashion retailer ticks all the boxes in terms of quality, pricing, trends, variety, return policy, and customer service.

Primark is the perfect place for fashion lovers on a budget who love to enjoy the latest fashion trends without blowing up their bank accounts.

Click to check Primark‘s website.

From Shein Germany’s Instagram

7. Shein

Who isn’t familiar with Shein? 

Extremely popular in the US, Brazil, France, Australia, the UK, and Canada, the Chinese fast-fashion retailer also gains more and more popularity among online shoppers in Germany.

Chinese fashion brand Shein offers fashion pieces to die for with price tags to fall in love with. 

Shein collections include an exclusive variety of high-quality yet low-priced clothing you won’t find anywhere else.

You can get things for as low as 5 Euros, and Shein has attractive discounts nearly all the time.

At Shein, you can become the happy owner of exciting women’s, men’s, and kid’s apparel. as well as a whole product category dedicated to plus sizes with really pretty pieces.

Click to check Shein‘s website.

8. Asos

At Asos, you will be able to find high-quality clothing attached with an affordable price tag.

They offer unique clothing in exciting styles featuring elegant cuts, sophisticated designs, electrifying colors, and inspiring patterns.

Asos presents you with more than 800 brands under one roof, representing all sorts of styles and tastes while keeping the latest trends in mind.

You can return any item free of charge within 14 days starting from the day you receive the item. 

Moreover, the company’s major plus point is that it offers worldwide shipping.

Click to check Asos‘s website.

From Bonprix’s Instagram

9. Bonprix

At Bonprix, you will be able to find your favorite look for a good value for money.

Bonprix offers extremely good quality clothes for the whole family at reasonable prices.

They have a massive collection of products to choose from, ranging from fashionable and sophisticated attire and shoes to accessories and plus sizes.

You can either shop through their website or their mobile app, which you can easily download on Google Play.

Furthermore, Bonprix allows you to return purchases within a time period of 100 days.

Click to check Bonprix‘s website.

From Mister Lady’s Instagram

10. Mister Lady

Mister Lady is another fantastic option for shopping online.

The successful German retail company offers a huge variety of apparel and accessories for men and women at economical rates.

Their collections consist of different styles you can easily mix and match together as per your liking.

From rainbow pullovers and feminine dresses to color-blocking hoodies and trendy shirt jackets, Mister Lady offers you all the latest trends you need to bring some fresh air into your closet.

If you reside in Germany,  you also visit Mister Lady’s numerous outlets spread all across Germany.

Click to check Mister Lady‘s website.

11. Quelle

Quelle (“spring” in German) is very similar to online retail giant Otto.

Just like Otto, you can find each and everything regarding lifestyle. 

Their clothing category consists of high-quality apparel for men, women, and kids and is as abundant as their other product categories like furniture and electronics.

Here, you can discover awesome deals as well as many top brands like Adidas, Guess, Bench, Buffalo, Kangaroos, and many more.

They also provide the option to pay in installments and offer a return period of 30 days.

Click to check Quell‘s website.

From Limango’s Instagram

12. Limango

Limango is one of the best shopping places for mothers and young families.

Being Europe’s leading Private Shopping Community for young families and part of the Otto Group, Limango caters to all family needs.

Here, you can get adult and kids’ apparel, baby clothes, cosmetics, and home & living products at family-friendly prices.

Limango regularly offers attractive discounts, family vouchers, and even family travel offers.

Click to check Limango‘s website.

From Humana’s Instagram

13. Humana Second Hand & Vintage

At Humana, you will find a great selection of good quality second-hand pieces that are truly eye-catching and utterly stylish at low prices.

Besides current fashion trends, Humana has everything from simple and sophisticated to funky, unique items you won’t find anywhere else. 

You never know what you’re going to find, whether it be a petticoat, a dirndl, or even fashion from the sixties.

Humana Second Hand & Vintage has physical stores scattered all across Germany in major cities, and the best thing is that their assortment is color coordinated, unlike other thrift stores where everything is unorganized and chaotic.

Click to check HUMANA Secondhand & Vintage‘s website.

From Mädchenflohmarkt’s Instagram

14. Mädchenflohmarkt

Mädchenflohmarkt is the best place for all female designer clothes lovers.

The thrift store embodies an online marketplace where German people buy and sell their high-quality designer clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, and jewelry.

The website offers fashion from all the big names in the fashion industry, like Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Michael Kors, and many more.

In general, their pricing is pretty good as you pay only a small fraction for expensive designer items in very good condition.

Mädchenflohmarkt is also listed on eBay.

However, whatever you buy through eBay is free of delivery cost, but on their actual website, there are delivery costs.

I guess it’s because of all the individual sellers, so I suggest buying through eBay to avoid delivery charges.

Click to check Mädchenflohmarkt‘s website.

From Rebelle’s Instagram

15. Rebelle

At Rebelle, you can become the happy new owner of high-quality, second-hand designer items at a much lower price.

Rebelle offers an exclusive compilation of exciting designer fashion for ladies. 

Their assortment includes clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, and jewelry from all the major high-end brands.

Whether you’re on the hunt for a unique luxury fashion piece or want to get rid of your designer item for a good deal, Rebelle invites you to buy and sell.

Click to check Rebelle‘s website.

From Momox’s Instagram

16. Momox Fashion

Momox Fashion is Germany’s biggest online shop for second-hand fashion.

Up until recently, Momox Fashion was also known as Ubup. 

Their assortment grows daily with thousands of surprising pieces after they are carefully checked for condition and authenticity.

Momox Fashion is home to over 1500 brands with fashion pieces for men, women, and kids.

Click to check Momox Fashion‘s website.

17. Vintage & Rags

Since its establishment in the 90s, Vintage & Rags has become the classic, if not the most iconic, thrift store for the nicest vintage clothes and accessories.

Even though their prices are slightly higher than those compared to Humana or Momox, you can still avail unique pieces at a fair price.

With a great selection of diverse styles from the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s, the thrift store holds countless vintage fashion items for him and her.

Click to check Vintage & Rags

18. eBay

eBay has been around for ages now, and most probably, you already know everything about it.

eBay also serves as a great place to get your hands on exclusive and fabulous fashion finds for an absurdly low price.

You can either bid, purchase the product right away, or make an offer, depending on the seller.

Click to check eBay to explore amazing fashion from all around the world, whether new or pre-owned.

19. Facebook Marketplace

Very popular in the US, UK, and Canada, Facebook Marketplace is gaining more and more popularity in European countries like Germany as well.

Through Facebook, you can use this e-commerce platform to buy and sell anything and find exciting items on offer in your area.

The only downside of it is that you have to pick up the item by yourself unless the seller offers to send it by postage, but that would be your expense.

Moreover, returns are usually not an option.

Click to check Facebook Marketplace‘s website.

From Vintage Revival’s Instagram

20. Vintage Revivals

If you’re someone who has been super into fashion for the past decades, the German secondhand brand Vintage Revivals may become your new favorite.

Physically present in some of Germany’s major cities along with its online shop, Vintage Revivals can surprise you with some Killer fashion pieces.

Currently, they offer clothing for men and women alongside vintage designer pieces.

However, their prices are a bit higher compared to other thrift stores.

Click to check Vintage Revivals‘s website.

21. Retro Area

As its name already suggests, secondhand shop Retro Area is all about the ’80s, ’90s, and even earlier.

Here, you can find trendy, chic, and funky clothes that are easy to style and adapt to anyone’s taste.

Besides really cheap finds, Retro Area also has a lot of Vintage designer pieces from major brands like Levi’s, Prada, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, and Fila.

Click to check Retro Area‘s website.

Zalando Zircle

22. Zalando Zircle

Zalando Zircle is closed on 16.11.2022.

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