28 Mexican Clothing Brands: A Celebration of Style

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In this guide, I will review 28 Mexican Clothing Brands for women and men, including affordable and luxury fashion brands.

I believe that Mexican fashion is deeply influenced by iconic, colorfully dyed (mostly with natural dyes) fabrics with eye-catching patterns and extraordinary embroideries.

You can even see modern versions of pre-Hispanic clothing pieces like “enredos” (wrap dresses), “fajas” (cloth belts), or ”huipils” (a type of tunic), and handcrafted goods like rugs and rebozos (a kind of shawl).

Now, let’s take a closer look at what Mexico has to offer with these 28 Mexican Fashion Brands.

1. Pineda Covalin

Introduced in 1996, Pineda Covalin is a fashion design brand with its focus on promoting Mexican culture not only on a national but also on an international level.

Established by the Mexico-City designers Cristina Pineda and Ricardo Covalin, the brand earned great success in the country.

Pineda Covalin also expanded internationally with boutiques in Soho, New York, Panama, and Qatar.

Get mesmerized by Pineda Covalin’s unique style and wide range of men’s and women’s apparel, accessories, and home items.

Click to check the official store of Pineda Covalin.

2. Carla Fernández

Carla Fernández is a Mexico City-based fashion house devoted to regenerating the culture of Mexico’s indigenous and mestizo communities.

Created in 2000, the eponymous clothing brand gained international recognition and awards for her approach to documenting and preserving Mexico’s native communities through textile design.

The brand’s extravagant, influential, and modern-day design proves that ethical fashion can be inventive and advancing.

Click to check the official store of Carla Fernández.

3. Santa Lupita

From Santa Lupita’s Instagram

Santa Lupita uses traditional Mexican designs with a touch of German fashion.

The fashion brand was launched in 2014 with the idea of presenting Mexico’s rich, colorful, and handmade designs to the rest of the world.

The brand gets great inspiration from traditional Mexican patterns, color palettes, and structures with a beautiful fusion of Mexican folk fashion and modern style.

Santa Lupita stuns its customers with high-quality hand-woven and hand-embroidered designs of indigenous artisans.

The label offers an exclusive range of casual wear and accessories for men, women, and kids.

Click to check the official store of Santa Lupita.

4. Yakampot

Launched in 2011, Yakampot highlights Mexican culture and its roots by creating modern, sophisticated, and handmade garments for women by incorporating Mexican decorative elements.

Yakampot’s clothing is made from materials and embroidered textiles from across Mexico. The brand works with the country’s most skilled craftsmen.

The brand, named after the small community Yakampot in Chiapas, presents a luxurious collection of outerwear, dresses, tops, and bottoms made from the finest materials.

Click to check the official store of Yakampot

5. Lorena Saravia

Lorena Saravia is a high-end designer brand created by Mexico City-born Loreva Saravia, considered one of Mexico’s best designers.

Before the brand’s launch in 2010, the designer had already worked with major Mexican fashion brands like G-Star Raw, Bread and Butter Barcelona, and popular Mexican fashion designer Macario Jiménez.

In 2014, the label opened its first flagship store on Masaryk – Mexico City’s most luxurious avenue.

Lorena Saravia impresses with timeless elegance, hassle-free silhouettes, and versatile designs for the much-needed flexibility women need in their everyday life.

Click to check the official store of Lorena Saravia.

6. Julia y Renata

From Julia y Renata’s Instagram

The sisters Julia y Renata Franco created the brand in 1993, starting in their parent’s garage.

The brand has been growing ever since into a successful and widely-admired fashion label that experiments and crafts feminine fashion under Mexican influences.

You can find Julia y Renata’s products at Proyectorepublica.


Cihuah is a Mexican fashion brand that is meant to empower and inspire women through its unique and exclusive designs.

The brand has French and Mexican roots because the brand was founded by the French designer and creative director Vanessa Guckel, who has lived for more than 12 years in Mexico.

“Cihuah” means women in Nahuatl, and the brand aims to pay homage to the Mexican native women, culture, and traditions by creating stunning, contemporary pieces.

Cihuah is best known for its luxurious garments inspired by sacred patterns of indigenous Mexican clothing. You can find women’s apparel, accessories, outerwear, and home items in its collection.

Click to check the official store of CIHUAH.

8. Alexia Ulibarri

Ashlei Sharpe Chestnut a Blue Dream of Alexia’s design. From Alexia Ulibarri’s Instagram.

Alexia Ulibarri is a celebrated Mexican fashion designer known for her eponymous brand that beautifully merges contemporary designs with a touch of vintage inspiration.

Alexia Ulibarri’s collections include ready-to-wear apparel and accessories for women.

The brand’s clothing line is known for its romantic yet modern designs, showcasing a blend of innovative silhouettes, luxurious fabrics, and meticulous detailing.

The brand stands out for its use of artisanal techniques and sustainable practices.

Each garment is meticulously crafted, often using handmade details, to create a unique and high-quality product.

Click to check the official store of Alexia Ulibarri.

9. Sandra Weil

From Sandra Weil’s Instagram

The luxury women’s wear brand Sandra Weil enjoys much popularity in Mexico and all across Latin America.

In 2012, she opened her first flagship store on Emilio Castelar 185, Polanco, in Mexico City.

Since then, Sandra Weil has engraved her name into the fashion industry due to her surprising silhouettes and contemporary designs.

Sandra Weil offers a luxurious range of tops, bottoms, skirts, dresses, knitwear, outerwear, and beachwear, as well as a beautiful assortment of jewelry.

Click to check the official store of Sandra Weil.

10. Mancandy

From Mancandy’s Instagram

If you’re looking for high-quality fashion pieces with a quirky, edgy touch to them, you have to check out Mancandy.

Designer Andres Jimenez came up with the idea to create men’s fashion that both men and women could wear; thus, Mancandy came into being.

His experimental, genderless silhouettes, classic lines of futuristic inspiration, and functional styles define the Mexican brand Mancandy and attract more and more customers.

Click to check the official store of Mancandy.

11. Simple by Trista

Founded by Giovanni Estrada y José Alfredo Silva in 2011 but is currently led by Giovanni Estrada and Alexis Meza Blocker.

Simple by Trista is the superior line of the luxury fashion brand of Trista.

Based in Mexico City, the fashion house fosters sophistication, versatility, and dynamic spirit garments.

Simple by Trista offers a wide range of fine-quality apparel, accessories, footwear, and even a maternity line for men and women.

Click to check the official store of Trista.

12. Aurelia

From Aurelia’s Instagram 

Aurelia is the creation and family project of the three Mexican sisters Andrea, Paula, and Magdalena de la Torre Suárez.

Named after their great-grandmother Aurelia, the brand earned its success with the launch of its first collection Ladrillo in 2017, which consists of unique wooden bags with Charro straps.

Inspired by Mexico’s rich charrería culture, Aurelia works with artisans with expertise in woodworking and charrería designs.

You can find exceptional timeless accessories in their collection, like customizable wooden bags, leather straps, belts, and an outfit that has an extra oomph effect.

Click to check the official store of Aurelia.

13. Rocinante

From Rocinante’s Instagram

Bring life to your wardrobe with trendy fashion pieces of Oaxacan (region in Mexico) brand Rocinante.

Founded in 2012 by Nancy Morales and Joel Gómez, the duo initially visualized their brand as a children’s clothing line, yet the brand’s vision changed over the years.

Rocinante draws attention to the remarkable work of the craftsmen from the Tijaltepec region and Central Valley of Oaxaca.

Rocinante features an elegant collection of exceptional women’s apparel, especially its dresses.

14. Pulaski Shoes

From Pulaski’s Instagram

Pulaski brand is an eco-friendly shoe brand with the ambition to reduce gas emissions by utilizing sustainable, natural materials such as cactus leather.

With their philosophy in mind, Pulaski plants a tree in the Primavera Forest in Guadalajara for every pair of shoes sold, creating great inspiration and global awareness.

Pulaski manufactures incredible shoes while maintaining eco-friendly processes to reduce negative environmental impacts without compromising on high quality. 

Click to check the official store of Pulaski.

15. Casa Nortes

From Casa Nortes’s Instagram 

Casa Nortes is quite a new brand with its launch in 2019, but due to the sudden Coronavirus outbreak, the brand quickly shifted to facemask production to ensure a continuing salary despite the pandemic.

The young fashion label draws inspiration from the Raramuri culture, one of the first nations of Mexico.

Casa Nortes’ seasonless, sophisticated, unique designs are all handmade by the extremely skillful female artisans of the Raramuri workshop.

Click to check the official store of Casa Nortes.

16. Octavia

Octavia is a Mexican-based brand catered to today’s modern, contemporary, and confident woman, founded by Roberta Maceda.

The fashion label creates timeless pieces of classic elegance, simplicity, and functionality.

Octavia offers a wide range of prestigious, high-quality clothing for women, including tops, shirts, tunics, and blouses.

Other than that, the brand also has an alluring collection of dresses, jeans, and skirts.

Click to check the official store of Octavia.

17. Napoleón

From Napoleón’s Instagram

The fashion label was founded by Paola Quintero, a fashion editor, and Patricio Campillo, a fashion designer.

Napoleón presents timeless creations for the current generation with luxury basics that are easy to transform from a Day-look into a Night-look with the help of a few accessories.

The label offers a diversity of silhouettes, colors, and textures crafted with different materials.

Click to check the official store of Napoleón.

18. Casa Caballeria

From Casa Caballeria’s Instagram

Founded in 2014 by Eduardo Dubost, Casa Caballeria highlights an in-house footwear and apparel line.

The retail store is widely recognized for its balance between Mexican and electric designs and global influences.

Unlike other clothing stores, Casa Caballeria works as a retailer, barber, and bar, making it an attraction to diverse customer interests.

The eponymous fashion label is best known for its vast variety of footwear made from rubber soles, pigskin liners, and cowhide uppers.

Furthermore, Casa Caballeria is home to an interesting, modern collection of men’s apparel like shirts, bottoms, jackets, accessories, and more.

Click to check the official store of Casa Caballeria.

19. No Name

If you’re looking for some showstopper elements to add to your wardrobe or simply want an unusual piece you don’t own yet, check out the brand No Name.

Founded by Jonathan Morales, the peppy Mexican fashion brand offers an energetic and playful clothing line using vegan materials.

No Name’s pop culture and lively streetwear-inspired apparel attract not only regular fashion addicts but also big names like Blackpink as well.

Click to check the official store of No Name.

20. Sacrifice

From Sacrifice’s Instagram

The Mexico-City-based brand Sacrifice interprets an international visual of street fashion and skater aesthetics.

With its simple logo and Goth-Punk-influenced elements throughout its collections, the brand created versatile, modern pieces that are easy to combine in many different styles.

Sacrifice offers a wide range of basic apparel of appealing and innovative designs and accessories for both men and women.

Click to check the official store of Sacrifice.

21. Espiritus Libres

Espiritus Libres is a T-shirt brand highlighting a minimalistic yet elegant streetwear line in black and white.

Izzie Ramírez, a graphic designer from the ’70s and creator of Espiritus Libres, draws inspiration from urban culture, graffiti, and skating.

The brand is best known for its black-and-white concept of printed media carried with great attention to detail, especially its drawings, making every design a unique art piece.

Click to check the official store of Espiritus Libres.

22. Tony Delfino

From Tony Delfino’s Instagram 

Tony Delfino is a high-end clothing brand of streetwear, skater aesthetics.

After its launch in 2008, the Mexican brand gained rapid success due to its appealing designs, minimalistic silhouettes, and tastefully combined color palettes – all inspired by the culture of Mexico’s Capital city.

Tony Delfino is equipped with the most talented and creative graphic designers, visual artists, and grafters who create stunning streetwear fashion, all made from Mexican materials.

Tony Delfino has exclusive limited edition t-shirts, button shirts, leather jackets, hoodies, and sneaker designs.

Click to check the official store of Tony Delfino.

23. Salo Shayo

From Salo Shayo’s Instagram

Salo Shayo is a fashion brand founded by Salomon Shayo Ambe.

Since his first collection, “The Recreation of the Memory” in which the designer created a fashion representation of the five human senses, the fashion label catapulted itself to the top of the industry.

With great attention to detail and a legitimate interest in experimental techniques, Salo Shayo keeps blowing its customers’ minds away with diverse uses of materials, textures, and silhouettes.

Furthermore, the fashion house’s highest priority remains sustainable clothing with the least environmental impact possible and encourages its buyers to follow its philosophy.

Click to check the official store of Salo Shayo.

24. PAY’s

If you’re looking for one-of-a-kind fashion pieces inspired by precious Mexican heritage that are easy to wear and combine, PAY’s is your go-to.

The Mexico-based knitwear brand offers a cool and trendy collection of casual apparel for young men and women. 

The brand’s peppy designs, eccentric color palettes, and edgy cuts combined with Aztec motifs and other interesting elements make you look twice out of amazement.

From colorful sporty jogging suits, shorts, and tank tops to long-sleeved shirts and hoodies, PAY’s presents a delightful apparel line with medium prices.

Click to check the official store of PAY’s.

25. Morena Corazón

Morena Corazón is a Mexican jewelry brand with customers from all over the world.

Jewelry design expresses the mystique and ancestral cultures, especially the Mexican Huichol culture, through its beautifully designed jewelry pieces.

Morena Corazón creates eye-catching pieces using different shapes, vivid and tastefully combined color palettes, as well as gorgeous summer hats with vibrant feather appliques.

Morena Corazón’s jewelry line will make you stand out and let your personality shine.

Click to check the official store of Morena Corazón.

26. Graziano and Gutiérrez

Graziano and Gutiérrez is a Mexican-American workwear and apparel brand collaborating with Mexican artisan textile makers from Oaxaca and Chiapas.

Founded in 2018 by Samuel Graziano and Alejandro Gutiérrez, the duo launched their first collection with great appreciation from the market and followed up with the opening of their online store in 2020.

Alejandro has experience in pattern making, sewing, and working with hand-woven materials and textiles, and Samuel has great outdoor, active, and menswear design skills.

The two business partners eventually met in the middle and created a strong apparel brand reflecting their different skills.

Graziano and Gutiérrez offer a wide range of work and functional apparel of the highest quality made under eco-friendly circumstances. The brand designs are versatile and easy to style for other purposes.

Click to check the official store of Graziano and Gutiérrez

27. Hermanos Koumori

The Mexico City-based fashion brand Hermanos Koumori is all centered around telling forgotten, well-known, untold, and invisible stories through its artistic designs and innovative product lines.

Hermanos offers an inventive product range with medium prices, yet relaxed silhouettes for contemporary men and women who are willing to tell a story through clothes.

Click to check the official store of Hermanos Koumori and Hermanos Koumori’s Instagram.

28. The Pack

The Pack is a clothing brand developed in Mexico City dedicated to men who want to make a positive impact on society through sustainable clothing.

The fashion label focuses on creating modern pieces of superior quality consisting of historical and contemporary elements infused into the clothing.

The Pack aims to create awareness through its lines by manufacturing fashion under environmentally sustainable conditions.

Click to check the official store of The Pack.

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