12 Affordable Swedish Fashion Brands: Scandinavian Style on a Budget

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If you are looking for Affordable Swedish clothing brands, here are 12 Affordable Fashion Brands from Sweden that cover all your needs.

Sweden, a country known for its minimalist aesthetic, innovation, and sophisticated style, is also home to a multitude of fashion brands that beautifully encompass the essence of Scandinavian design.

While some may associate Scandinavian fashion with luxury, the reality is that Sweden offers a vast array of brands that are not just stylish but also affordable.

If you’re a fashion enthusiast on a budget, Swedish brands have something in store for you.

Let’s dive into this comprehensive guide, where we unearth the hidden gems of affordable Swedish fashion, showcasing brands that masterfully combine quality, style, and affordability.

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1. H&M

Category: Apparel, Accessories, Beauty, Home, Footwear, Bags, Jewelry
For: Women, Men, Children
From: Stockholm, Sweden
Values: Affordability, Fast fashion, Cost-conscious
Prices: $5-$200

H&M is the most famous and well known Swedish fashion brand, which is renowned for offering a broad range of trendy and stylish clothing and accessories at affordable prices.

Who says you have to spend too much to look trendy? H&M proves that myth wrong every single time. Every visit makes my wallet and wardrobe equally happy!

One of the most notable aspects of H&M is its affordability for everyone, regardless of age or style preference.

H&M also offers trendy clothing at a fraction of the price of designer labels. This has made them popular among fashion-conscious individuals who don’t want to spend a fortune to look stylish.

Additionally, H&M is always within reach. The Swedish fashion brand sells its products to over 74 countries.

Whether I’m traveling or just doing some online window shopping, H&M’s vast presence means I’m never too far from a fashion fix.

Cheap Monday, a popular and affordable fashion brand under the umbrella of the H&M group, was closed as of November 2018.

Click to check the official store of H&M.

2. Nudie Jeans

Category: Denim, Apparel, Accessories
For: Women, Men
From: Gothenburg, Sweden
Values: Sustainability, %100 Organic, Quality, Lifetime free repairs for jeans
Prices: $80-$250

Nudie Jeans has made a name for itself in the fashion industry with its strong emphasis on sustainability and quality denim.

Nudie Jeans sits at a mid-range price point. What truly enhances its value proposition is its focus on longevity and sustainability.

The denim brand also offers lifetime free repair services.

Nudie Jeans believes that denim ages like fine wine, becoming more characterful and individualistic over time. This ethos encourages consumers to wear and repair, rather than discard and replace.

The brand’s dedication to organic cotton, ethical production, and free repair services ensures that every pair is an investment in quality.

Over time, consumers might find that owning a pair of Nudies can be more cost-effective than frequently replacing lesser quality jeans.

Click to check the official store of Nudie Jeans.

3. COS

Category: Basics, Classic, Dresses, Accessories
For: Women, Men, Children
From: Stockholm, Sweden
Values: part of H&M, Sustainability
Prices: $50-$300

COS, which stands for Collection Of Style, focuses on creating timeless pieces rather than chasing fleeting trends.

The brand offers modern, urban, and trendy collections highlighting superior quality, relaxed silhouettes, and tastefully combined color palettes.

COS operates at a bit higher price point than H&M, yet it is still more affordable compared to high-end designer labels.

The brand’s pricing reflects its commitment to quality materials and construction.

Made from the finest materials, COS made a name of its own with its sustainable and stylish assortment of essentials.

Click to check the official store of COS.


Category: Basics, Knitwear
For: Women, Men
From: Stockholm, Sweden
Values: Traceability, Recycled, Minimalist
Prices: $30-$300

Sustainable and slow-fashion brand ASKET takes a unique approach to fashion by emphasizing “less but better.”

Specializing in basics, the brand aims to create essential, high-quality pieces.

ASKET started off with a casual apparel line dedicated to men but has recently added a permanent collection for women.

With a clear focus on sustainability, ASKET offers garments that are primarily made from organic and recycled materials.

Dedicated to transparency, the fashion brand also provides detailed information about the supply chain and production costs for each product.

Click to check the official store of ASKET


Category: Basics, Classic, Knitwear, Home goods
For: Women, Men, Children
From: Stockholm, Sweden
Values:  Part of H&M Group, Healthier, Sustainable, Functional
Prices: $20-$200

ARKET is a modern-day fashion and lifestyle brand with Scandinavian roots.

With the slogan of “More beautiful everyday things”, Arket aims to create sustainable, widely accessible, and durable pieces of the utmost quality that last a long time.

The brand features its products in different locations in Sweden, Copenhagen, Munich, London, and Brussels.

Click to check the official store of ARKET.

6. Stutterheim

Category: Outerwear, Knitwear, Accessories
For: Women, Men, Children
From: Stockholm, Sweden
Values: Designed in Stockholm, Made in Europe, Minimalist
Prices: $150-$400

Stutterheim brings you high-quality, handmade, and waterproof raincoats and rain boots for all.

Founded in 2010 in Stockholm, Sweden, Stutterheim has been creating attractive yet functional rainwear and outerwear utilizing superior quality materials and skilled craftsmanship.

As with other Swedish brands, Stutterheim can be more expensive than generic raincoats.

Yet, each of their raincoats is handcrafted, with attention to detail that ensures durability.

When considering the craftsmanship, the brand’s commitment to timeless design, and the longevity of the products, Stutterheim is an affordable brand.

Click to check the official store of Stutterheim.

7. Monki

Category: Basics, Dresses, Accessories
For: Women
From: Stockholm, Sweden
Values: Sustainability, Playful design, Affordable
Prices: $20-$100

Monki is a clothing brand featuring apparel lines mixed with Scandinavian heritage and innovative street style dedicated to young, urban women.

After its first store opened in 2006, the fashion label joined H&M Groups in 2008 and is among the leading clothing brands in markets across Europe and Asia.

Click to check the official store of Monki.

8. Vagabond

Category: Footwear, Accessories
For: Women, Men
From: Varberg, Sweden
Values: High-quality, Scandinavian design
Prices: $60-$200

Vagabond is a Swedish success story born in 1973.

Initially starting as a men’s footwear brand, Vagabond expanded later also into women’s shoes.

The shoe brand is recognized for its highly sophisticated, modern, and comfortable footwear and offers all kinds of shoes and boots.

Whether you’re looking for minimalist flats, chic boots, or trendy sneakers, Vagabond offers a comprehensive selection to meet all your footwear needs.

Other than that, Vagabond also provides a wide selection of bags with good value for money.

Click to check the official store of Vagabond.

9. NA-KD

Category: Basics, Dresses, Chic, Accessories, Outerwear, Swimwear, Footwear
For: Women
From: Gothenburg, Sweden
Values: Trendy, Accessible, Cost-effective
Prices: $20-$100

NA-KD stands out as a brand that offers the latest trends without breaking the bank.

I believe the fashion brand offers a great balance of style, quality, and affordability.

The fashion brands’ competitive pricing strategy ensures that fashion enthusiasts can frequently refresh their wardrobes without feeling guilty.

Regular promotions, discounts, and collaborations make the brand particularly appealing to younger audiences who are keen on acquiring on-trend pieces without investing heavily.

Whether it’s flirty dresses, edgy outerwear, or versatile basics, NA-KD provides a wide selection of options for the modern woman.

Click to check the official store of NA-KD.

10. WeSC

Category: Basics, Sportswear, Accessories
For: Women, men
From: Sweden
Values: Individuality, High-Quality Fabrics
Prices: $40-$150

WeSC, which is the short form for “We are the Superlative Conspiracy”, is a Stockholm-based clothing brand specializing in casual wear influenced by skateboarding and snowboarding.

Since its launch in 1999, the Swedish fashion brand has experienced sky-rocketing success.

Later, the company opened several stores in Sweden and fashion hubs like New York City, Los Angeles, and Singapore.

WeSC offers a wide range of casual wear for men, women, and kids.

Furthermore, the label also presents alluring accessories and headphones.

Click to check the official store of WeSC.

11. Haglöfs

Category: Outdoor gear, Apparel, Footwear, Accessories
For: Women, Men, Children
From: Stockholm, Sweden
Values: Sustainability, Durability, Innovation
Prices: $50-$500

Founded over a century ago in Sweden, Haglöfs has a long-standing reputation for crafting high-quality, durable outdoor gear.

While providing affordable outdoor gear, Haglöfs also is committed to sustainability.

The brand uses eco-friendly materials and ethical manufacturing practices, striving to minimize its environmental impact.

Click to check Haglöfs‘s online shop and official website.

12. Swedish Stockings

Category: Hosiery, Basics
For: Women
From: Sweden
Values: Sustainable, Recycled materials
Prices: $15-$40

Linn Frisinger and Nadja Forsberg decided to create Swedish Stockings brand to provide high-quality hosiery to minimize its annual discard.

Their designs use a nylon yarn called ECONYL, made from unwanted fishing nets, to create fine quality and ecologically dyed tights which are also affordable and durable.

Swedish Stockings offers a vast amount of tights and hosiery to suit all types of weather and occasions with a 3-D knit that provides maximum stretch.

Click to check the official store of Swedish Stockings.

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