7 Iceland Men’s Fashion Brands for Every Style

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If you are looking for Iceland men’s clothing brands, here are 7 Icelandic Men’s Fashion Brands that cover all your needs.

Icelandic men’s fashion brands, like the environment of Iceland, embody strength, functionality, and a timeless aesthetic that transcends fleeting trends.

In the I prepared, you can find from tailored suits to outdoor clothes designed for the adventurous spirit, ensuring resilience against the unpredictable Icelandic weather.

Let’s start…

1. 66°North

Category: Basics, Outdoors, Sportswear, Coats, Jackets, Swimwear, Accessories
For: Women, Men
From: Gardabaer, Iceland
Values: Durable, Organic, Sustainable, Made in Europe
Prices: $100-$1200

66°North gets its name from the latitudinal line of the Arctic Circle, which crosses Súgandafjörður, Iceland.

66°North is one of Iceland’s oldest clothing brands. Way back in 1926, 66° started by producing gears to protect fishermen from the unforgiving and cold waters of Iceland.

Fast forward to today, the Icelandic fashion house offers a wide variety of clothing, ensuring that wearers are prepared for all weather conditions.

With the brand’s philosophy, “the weather shouldn’t be an obstacle to going places”, whether you’re hiking outdoors or hitting the city streets, 66°North got you covered.

66°North is dedicated to sustainability and aims for 100% green energy use, carbon neutrality, and zero waste.

Click to check North 66°‘s online shop and official website.

2. Herrafataverzlun Kormáks og Skjaldar

Category: Suits, Casual wear, Accessories
For: Men, Women
From: Reykjavik, Iceland
Values: Timeless, Classic, Made in Europe, Icelandic Tweed
Prices: $200-$700

Herrafataverzlun Kormáks og Skjaldar is a fashion boutique offering a curated selection of daily and formal wear.

The fashion brand is popular among men seeking classic, timeless fashion and provides high-quality garments primarily made in Europe.

Besides its ready-to-wear collection, Herrafataverzlun Kormáks og Skjaldar also specializes in tailored options.

Click to check Herrafataverzlun Kormáks og Skjaldar‘s official website.

3. Farmers Market

Category: Clothing, Knitwear, Outerwear, Accessories
For: Women, Men, Children
From: Reykjavik, Iceland
Values: Natural fabrics, Sustainability, Local craftsmanship
Prices: $60-$350

Farmers Market is a clothing brand founded in 2005 by an artist couple, designer Bergthora Gudnadottir and musician Jóel Pálsson.

Farmers Market’s designs have the best of old-school rustic vibes and mix them with a fresh and modern twist.

In my opinion, their designs resonate with an earthy, timeless quality that speaks volumes about Iceland’s age-old connection with nature.

Like many other Scandinavian fashion brands, the fashion house has been creating apparel designs focusing on sustainability.

Click to check Farmers Market‘s online shop and official website.

4. Icewear

Category: Basics, Outerwear, Icelandic Wool Sweaters, Norwegian Jumpers, Sportswear, Knitwear, Accessories
For: Women, Men, Children
From: Reykjavik, Iceland
Values: Durable, Functional, Icelandic wool
Prices: $50-$300

Icewear is a leading Icelandic manufacturer and retailer of knitwear, souvenirs, and outdoor clothes and gear.

Icewear offers a great selection of clothing, from hiking clothes to Norwegian-style jumpers.

Icewear’s Norwegian-style jumpers are designed to be comfy and very warm and have been bestsellers for decades.

The authentic double-layered lopi wool produced and used by Icewear has natural water-repellent properties.

Their pricing is affordable, offering a wide range of apparel choices for all ages.

Click to check Icewear‘s online shop and official website.

5. ZO-ON

Category: Outerwear, Sportswear, Knitwear, Accessories
For: Women, men, children
From: Reykjavik, Iceland
Values: Performance, Quality, Sustainability, Durability, Made for Icelandic conditions
Prices: $60-$250

Created by adventurers Jon Erlendsson and Martti Kellokumpu for other adventurers, ZO-ON is another Icelandic brand that aims to make you enjoy Iceland’s variable and often harsh weather.

The outdoor fashion brand aims to create a second protective skin with their garment and, at the same time, give you comfort and confidence to move, sweat, and smile in all weather conditions.

Besides their menswear collection, ZO-ON offers durable and comfortable outdoor clothing for all family members.

Click to check ZO-ON‘s official website.

6. Cintamani

Category: Outerwear, Sportswear, Accessories
For: Women, Men, Children
From:  Garðabær, Iceland
Values: Sustainability, Technical perfection, Quality and Beautiful design
Prices: $50-$300

Since its inception in 1989, the outdoor fashion brand has been committed to creating outdoor clothing and gear that does not compromise style, comfort, or functionality.

Embodying the spirit of the Icelandic outdoors, Cintamani’s goal was to design outdoor clothing of the highest quality that could withstand the harsh weather conditions that characterize Iceland — a country where proper clothing is everything.

Click to check Cintamani‘s online shop and official website.

7. Inklaw

Category: Streetwear, Casual wear, Accessories
For: Men, Women
From: Reykjavik, Iceland
Values: Innovative design, Made in Iceland
Prices: $50-$200

Specializing in streetwear and casual wear, Inklaw is a brand that stands at the intersection of urban culture and innovative fashion.

Known for its innovative design elements and focus on quality, all products are proudly made in Iceland.

Click to check Inklaw‘s online shop and official website.

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